Our Archero Best Weapons Guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the top tiers for weapons in this game. If you’re going to make it far in this game, you’re going to have to be ready with the best weaponry available. This isn’t an easy game, and you will be challenged the further you make it into the chapters!

Archero Best Weapons Tier List

There’s four different weapon types in the game. Each of them can be upgraded with gold and a scroll, as well as by fusing them to increase their rarity. The rarities are Common (White), Great (Green), Rare (Blue), and Epic (Purple), Perfect Epic (Purple w/Gold Border), and Legendary (Gold).

For the most part, you should generally just use the weapon of the highest rarity you own. This does a lot towards your ability to deal damage, and while there is pretty much a consensus on which weapon type is the best. You won’t always have a high grade option in that category.

S-Tier: Brightspear

Brightspear is on top of the charts in terms of weapons because the “projectile” arrived at the target almost instantly. That means you will very rarely miss any of your shots if your enemy is on the move. One of the key features of this weapon occurs when you can get it to Epic rarity. You get an additional bonus that increases your damage on every hit for a certain amount. That means this weapon that pretty much guarantees a hit on each shot will get more powerful after every shot!

A-Tier: Stalker Staff

The Staff is a bit of an odd ball, because it places an orb in front of you that pauses briefly and then homes in on an enemy. It does a good amount of damage, and is actually pretty fast once you get through that initial pause of your first shot. This weapon is also pretty reliant on getting certain skills that will make it a lot better. Diagonal Arrows will fire three projectiles that will home in on enemies, which makes it a top tier option when it comes to choosing an ability while using this weapon.

Another nice bonus with the Stalker Staff is that you can get an Epic version by purchasing the Battle Pass and leveling it up!

A-Tier: Death Scythe

The Scythe is a strong DPS option, particularly later in the game. It has an included knock back ability that will keep monsters off of you. The knock back ability is pretty valuable, because it’s not something you can gain as an ability. This also does quite a bit of damage, which is good in the later game particularly when you fight the Chapter that features nothing but bosses.

B-Tier: Tornado (Boomerang)

The Tornado is largely considered the best weapon type in the early game. It has pierce on it as a perk, and it also comes back to you which deals additional damage to your enemies. So, you are not only having the possibility of hitting multiple enemies, but you’ll also get additional damage as it comes back. You can also position yourself in a way that the Tornado will return to you and hit an additional enemy along the way!

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C-Tier: Saw Blade (Knife)

The Saw Blade has the fastest built-in attack speed of all of the weapons. If you value that in your weapon, then it’s not a bad choice. The damage is the weakest among all of the other weapons, but again you will be making up for that with how fast you can throw these.

D-Tier: Brave Bow

The Bow is your typical all-around weapon. It does good damage, and it has a decent attack speed. It’s a decent starter weapon, but it also can continue to work well in the later game if you just happen to be receiving a lot of bow drops. The Bow also has a bit of a natural knock back to it as well, it’s just not as pronounced as the Scythe.

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