Our Archero Best Pets & Spirits Guide features the top options for pet choices when playing the game! Spirits end up being very important later in the game, and take advantage of the important Wingman ability that protects you from damage.

Archero refers to Pets as Spirits, but within the community the words are used interchangeably. Pets are two of the six items that you can equip, and these little guys will follow you into battle and add to the amount of DPS you are dulling out on enemies.

Pets Tier List

Here’s a quick tier list for the pets! You’ll find more detailed information about each of them further down the page.


  • Laser Bat


  • Scythe Mage
  • Elf


  • Living Bomb

Archero Best Pets & Spirits List

Each Pet has its strengths and weaknesses, but some are slightly better than others. Pets come in the same rarities as the rest of your equipment does: Common, Great, Rare, Epic, Perfect Epic, and Legendary. You can fuse Pets together to upgrade their rarity, and you will need Spirit Scrolls to upgrade them.

Laser Bat

The Laser Bat is probably the best Pet in situations where you’re fighting multiple enemies in rooms with a lot of obstacles. Why is that? Well, it can shoot through walls! If you’re playing chapters that have a lot of structures, then your other pets are going to struggle to get many hits onto enemies. The problem with the Laser Bat is that the damage is kind of weak, but if your pet can’t hit a target, then there damage is zero anyway. This makes the Laser Bat your best option for chapters that are filled with obstacles blocking your way.

Scythe Mage

The Scythe Mage’s claim to fame is that its attacks will pierce through enemies. So, this is best in situations where you’re facing a lot of enemies, but there isn’t much in the way of obstacles. Chapter three is a good example of this, you fight multiple spawns of enemies in large rooms. The Scythe Mage is also pretty strong in chapters that are single target and have a bunch of bosses. Overall, the Scythe Mage might be the strongest pet! It’s only weak in areas with a lot of obstacles, but it makes up for it in most cases.

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Elf (Fairy)

Elves fire fast projectiles, so on a single-target chapter these are pretty strong. However, if you are playing anything with a lot of obstacles then they are way weaker. These are best against sections that are strictly boss only, so that’s later into the game.

Living Bomb (Ghost)

The Living Bomb pet is an interesting one, because it lobs bombs at enemies that explode and deal additional damage to any nearby enemies. This is pretty good, but the attack is pretty slow and makes it weak against enemies who move around a lot. You also won’t get a ton of usage out of the AOE because it’s a pretty small area. The good thing about the attack though, is that it will be lobbed over walls, so you don’t have to worry about rooms with obstacles in them.

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