Our Archero Abilities & Tier List guide features all of the available skills in the game! We’ve also put together a ranking system that shows which are generally the top choices to make when you are playing Archero.

New abilities have been added to the game in the 1.3.6 Update!

Archero Abilities Tier List

Keep in mind that the tier list is a general look at ability strength across all of the chapters. Certain abilities vary in strength as you get further into the game. We used this as a reference for some help on creating our list. Later game skills have yet to be added to the list!


  • Ricochet
  • Multishot
  • Life +1
  • Front Arrow
  • Bouncy Arrow
  • Piercing (Don’t pick if using Boomerang)
  • Wingman
  • Diagonal Arrows
  • Rage
  • Invincibility Star
  • Attack Boost
  • Blaze
  • Freeze


  • Side Arrows
  • Attack Speed Boost
  • Crit Master
  • HP Boost
  • Shield Guard
  • Bolt
  • Fire Strike
  • Frost Strike
  • Bloodthirst


  • Rear Arrow
  • Headshot
  • Spirit-Multishot
  • Spirit-Front Arrow
  • Poisoned Touch
  • Fire Circle
  • Frost Circle
  • Dodge Master


  • Spirit Crit Boost
  • Spirit Attack Boost
  • Spirit Attack Speed Boost
  • Spirit Diagonal Arrows
  • Poison Circle
  • Bolt Circle
  • Bolt Strike
  • Crit Aura
  • Speed Aura
  • HP Gain Aura
  • Dark Touch
  • Obsidian Circle


  • Holy Touch
  • Strong Heart
  • Frost Sword
  • Poison Swords
  • Bolt Swords
  • Fire Swords
  • Poison Strike
  • Attack Plus
  • Crit Plus
  • Speed Plus
  • HP Plus


  • Smart
  • Death Bomb
  • Death Nova

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Archero Abilities List

I’m including all of the official descriptions of each ability, and I’m also going to be trying to include a brief bit of extra information on each of the abilities. Some abilities aren’t unlocked until after you complete certain chapters, so you might see some listed here that you haven’t seen yet! If you have one of the official descriptions that I’m missing, please let me know in the comments.

Attack Boost

Now you can deal higher damage

Attack Plus

Room cleared without taking damage will increase your damage.

Attack Speed Boost

Now you can attack faster


Your attacks cause a flame attack.

Deals a fast damage over time effect.

Blazing Strike

Need Description


Restores HP when you kill enemies!

It’s a very small amount of health, and is much worse later in the game.


Your attacks cause Lightning effect

If enemies are close by the one you hit, it will deal lightning damage to them.

Bolt Circle

Two lightning orbs circle around you

Similar to Bolt, but two orbs circle around you and they deal lightning damage to enemies that are hit by the orbs.

Bolt Meteor

Need Description

Bolt Star

Summon a bolt star to attack enemies

Bolt Strike

Summon a Lightning Sword to attack enemies

A sword will slowly manifest in front of you and attack the enemy you are targeting.

Bolt Swords

Summons 2 bolt swords to spin around you

Same deal with most Bolt items, the swords deal damage on hit and will spread lightning damage to close by enemies.

Bouncy Wall

Arrows bounce against walls

This works with all of your weapons, if you have piercing, the weapon will travel through the enemy and bounce of the wall and come back.

Chilling Blast

Need description

Crit Aura

Increased critical chance once in a while.

Crit Master

Critical chance and critical strike damage increased!

Crit Plus

Room cleared without taking damage will increase your critical damage.

Dark Touch

Place a 1s time bomb on struck target, explodes dealing 90% of modified damage (atk boosts) in an aoe of around.

Death Bomb

Need description

Enemies when killed explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies. This is a pretty small radius, so it’s hard to hit them with it.

Death Nova

Need description

Enemies when killed will fire out projectiles from their body and deal damage to enemies who are struck by them.

Diagonal Arrows

There’s no real description for this, but it fires two additional projectiles to your left and right diagonal. This is based on your weapon, it doesn’t only fire arrows.

Dodge Master

Need description

Fire Circle

Two flame orbs circle around you

Similar to Blaze, but two orbs circle around you and they deal fire damage to enemies hit by it.

Fire Strike

Summon a Fire Sword to attack enemies

A sword will slowly manifest in front of you and attack the enemy you are targeting.

Fire Swords

Summons 2 fire swords to spin around you

Same deal with most fire items, the swords deal fire damage on hit.

Flame Meteor

Summon a flame meteor to attack enemies

Flame Star

Summon a flame star to attack enemies


Lower the HP, easier to dodge enemy attacks


Slows enemies down

Will slow an enemy on hit potentially, or freeze them in place for a short period.

Front Arrow

Arrow fired forward + 1

This will fire an additional projectile alongside the projectile you fire forward. You can have multiple of these stacked, so you’d fire however many you have total each shot.

Frost Meteor

Summon a frost meteor to attack enemies

Frost Star

Summon a frost star to attack enemies

Frost Strike

Summon a Frost Sword to attack enemies

A sword will slowly manifest in front of you and attack the enemy you are targeting.


Need description


Small chance to kill mobs instantly

This is pretty random, you’ll see it pop up when a monster is killed by it.

Holy Touch

Your attacks cause Holy effect

Whenever you hit an enemy, two small projectiles shoot out horizontally from the enemy that will deal damage to other enemies.

HP Boost

Max HP increased!

Gives you a boost to your health, and also technically heals you a bit. If you get this at an Angel, it’s usually better to take this rather than heal because you get a maximum HP increase as well as some more health.

HP Gain Aura

Increased health once in a while.

HP Plus

Room cleared without taking damage will increase your health.

Ice Circle

Two ice orbs circle around you

Ice Swords

Summons 2 ice swords to spin around you

Invincibility Star

Becomes invincible for 2 sec once a while

Life +1

You gain an extra life for your adventure


Fires an additional time rapidly

Great ability, fires another projectile immediately after your first shot.

Obsidian Circle

Places a 1 second Time Bomb on the target which will deal AOE damage.

Piercing Shot

Need description

If you are using the Boomerang (Tornado), then this is not worth taking at all. That weapon has a built in Piercing ability on it.

Poison Circle

Two poison orbs circle around you

Poisoned Touch

Your attack cause Poison effect


Your attacks deal more damage at low HP

Rear Arrow

Arrow fired backward +1

Fires a projectile directly behind you. Best when combined with Bouncy Wall.


Your arrows jump between monsters

When you hit a monster with one of your projectiles, it will attempt to jump from that monster to another monster nearby. This ability is regarded as one of the best.

Shadow Bat

Need description

Same as clones except they can move and shoot lasers that can penetrate through walls.

Shadow Clone

Need description

Chance to summon a basic archer in place of the enemy you killed. Does not move has basic attack.

Shield Guard

A shield circles around you

Side Arrows

Need description

Slow Projectile

Slow projectile


Gain xp much faster

Increases the speed in which you level up. Probably not super useful, because you’ll usually max out before finishing the chapter.

Speed Aura

Increased attack speed once in a while.

Speed Plus

Room cleared without taking damage will increase your attack speed.

Spirit Abilities

Spirit abilities are buffs to your Pets. Each one of them does the exact same thing it does for your character, but for your Pet instead.

  • Spirit-Attack Boost
  • Spirit-Aspd Boost
  • Spirit-Crit Boost
  • Spirit-Blaze
  • Spirit-Freeze
  • Spirit-Front Arrow
  • Spirit-Multishot
  • Spirit-Poisoned Touch

Strong Heart

You are healed for more HP than before

Summon One-eyed Bat

Need description

Toxic Meteor

Summon a toxic meteor to attack enemies

Toxic Star

Summon a toxic star to attack enemies

Toxic Strike

Summon a Toxic Sword to attack enemies

Toxic Swords

Summons 2 toxic swords to spin around you


Your spirit can block projectiles for you

By “spirit” the game means your Pets. You can have two Pets equipped, and they will block projectiles that are looking to deal damage to you.

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