Arataki Itto is a mischievous character full of life and happy to be running around Inazuma City, causing trouble. He is the new geo five-star and probably the most comical character that has been introduced in the game aside from Klee. Itto is very loud about his talents, but the lore doesn’t support his strength.

For starters, let’s get obvious out of the way Kujou Sara completely owned Itto in a fight, despite the fact she was using a ranged weapon and should be weaker physically. Plus Sara is only a four-star.

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As proven by her voice line, Raiden Shogun doesn’t even seem to know who Itto is, and he is entirely off the resistance leader Kokomi’s radar. In fact, if a character does talk about him, they generally just refer to him as loud or making a racket; no one mentions his supposed strength.

Kazuha, who is a young wandering swordsman, even managed to repel Raiden Shogun at the end and escape Inazuma with his vision. In comparison, Itto’s vision was attached to the very bottom of the Raiden Shogun’s statue after being captured.

At this point, it’s even possible that the muscles in the promo art were just part of Itto’s bolstering, while the in-game body is really what he looks like.

Comparing Arataki Itto to other five-stars

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There are very few five-stars that aren’t renowned for their skills in battle. Even Qiqi is capable of going on a destructive rampage. The adepti and archons are obviously more powerful, but even more standard like Mona could like have evaded the vision hunt decree.

Diluc has already proven he can use a delusion and hide it, while Jean and Eula has proven themselves by protecting Mondstadt. Hu Tao has strong spiritual powers and works with adepti, while Shenhe is pretty much on the level of the adepti themselves.

Even Albedo, a support five-star, is capable of going on a Mondstadt destroying campaign. In fact, the only other five-star that Itto may have a chance against in battle are Yoimiya and possibly Klee. While Itto can likely take Yoimiya. On the other hand, Klee is just one jumpty-dumpy away from sending Artaki Itto “blasting off again.”

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