Season 10 of Apex Legends adds new map changes, a new character, and a very powerful weapon. The Rampage LMG is the newest weapon in Apex Legends, but what can it do?

The Rampage LMG has the slowest fire rate across all automatic weapons, but packs a devastating punch with 20 damage to the legs, 24 damage to the body, and 33 damage to the head (white helmet). The Rampage LMG takes heavy rounds and has a fire rate of 300 RPM but can be revved up using Thermite Grenades.

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Equipping a Thermite Grenade to the Rampage LMG takes 4 seconds, but will increase the fire rate from 300 RPM to 390 RPM and enables it to destroy doors. One Thermite Grenade will charge the Rampage LMG for 90 seconds, but each shot fired will reduce the timer by two seconds.


Heavy Magazine Size

  • Base — 28 Rounds
  • Common Mag — 32 Rounds
  • Rare — 34 Rounds
  • Epic — 40 Rounds


  • Base — Full Reload: 3.33 sec. / Tac Reload: 2.6 sec.
  • Common — Full Reload: 3.22 sec. / Tac Reload: 2.51 sec.
  • Rare — Full Reload: 3.11 sec. / Tac Reload: 2.43 sec.
  • Epic — Full Reload: 3 sec. / Tac Reload: 2.34 sec.

The Rampage LMG can be equipped with all sights that are available for heavy automatic weapons and barrel stabilizers. It is in the LMG class, so Rampart’s Modded Loader ability affects both the magazine size and the reload times.

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