Introduced in Apex Legends Season 9, Arenas is a 3 vs. 3 game mode with buy phases in between rounds. Arenas Flash Events are week-long mini-events that feature challenges for Arenas mode specifically. Each Arenas Flash Event rewards players with Battle Pass levels, Apex Packs, and Crafting Metals.

To participate in the Arenas Flash Event, just queue into an Arenas match to complete the various challenges. Some of the challenges available include playing matches of Arenas, getting damage and knockdowns, and winning Arenas matches.

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Each challenge rewards Event points, which grants rewards at each tier. Players can refer to the Event Stat Tracker on the main Apex Legends screen to see their progress. Throughout the Arenas Flash Events, players can earn up to 32 Battle Pass stars, 25 Crafting Metals, and two Apex Packs.

Apex Legends has yet to release a major themed event in Season 10, but has already featured two Arenas Flash Events. The Flash Events are a great way for players to quickly level up in the Battle Pass and get some experience in the fairly new game mode. Arenas Flash Events are expected to keep releasing roughly every other week, so players have a chance to rack up some rewards.

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