Apex Legends Gaiden Event is the next big limited-time coming to the game, and the developers have released a few free VTbuer avatars that players can download. These avatars include Octane’s “Sea Legs” Skin, Mirage’s “Marked Man” Skin, and Bangalore’s “Apex Commander” Prestige Skin. You can download them from EA’s official blog post, and every VTuber avatar comes with custom expressions, emotes, animations and HUD overlays.

How to set up Apex Legends VTuber Skins

To set up the Apex Legends VTuber skins, players will first have to download VTube Studio. After this, download the .zip folders for the avatar you want from the official blog. In the .zip folder, players will find a PDF containing detailed instructions on installing VTuber Skins. You will need a USB webcam or a compatible iOS device with a working camera.

  • Extract the contents of the .zip folder to the following PC file-path:/VtubeStudio_Data/StreamingAssets/Live2DModels
  • Start VTube Studio
  • Select the profile picture icon on the top left-hand corner of VTube Studio, and select the Apex legends VTuber avatar from the list of installed models
  • For PC webcams, you can configure the face tracking feature by clicking on the gear icon on the left-hand corner of VTube Studio.
  • For iOS devices, you need to download VTube Studio, and select the gear icon on the left-hand corner of VTube Studio.
  • Click the gear icon on the bar menu, scroll down to Stream to PC menu, and ensure Connect to PC and Streaming Mode are enabled.
  • For the next part, input the Port and IP numbers from your PC, and then select Find Server

How to load Apex Legends VTuber Skins in OBS

Chroma Key Method

  • Start by configuring VTube Studio and make sure it’s currently running, and your VTuber avatar is already active
  • Go to OBS, click the + sign under Sources, then select Game Capture, add a title, and then click the OK button
  • Visit the Properties section in OBS the new Game Capture source, change the Mode option to Capture specific window, and then change the Window option to [Vtube Studio.exe]: VTube Studio
  • Click on the OK button, and the VTuber avatar should appear on-screen with a visible background layer
  • Right-click on the Game Capture in the Sources window, and select Filters
  • Click the + sign at the bottom corner of the Filters window, and select Chroma Key
  • Here, players can adjust the color that the Chroma Key filter is filtering out, or leave it at the default settings. These options mostly depend on what colors the VTuber avatar has on its body which you don’t want to accidentally filter out.

Transparent Background Method

  • Follow the above procedure up until the third step to import your VTuber avatar into OBS with a visible background as a Game Capture source
  • Next, double-click on Source, and ensure that the Allow Transparency toggle is enabled, press OK
  • Visit VTube Studio, click on the circular Photo bundle button on the left side of your screen, and scroll down to select the ColorPicker background option

Virtual Webcam Method

  • Select VTube Studio, and visit the Settings button on the left-hand side, then select the Camera icon on the menu appearing at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down on the right-hand side and you will find Virtual Webcam Config. Over here you will have to enable the Activate virtual webcam toggle option.
  • Visit OBS, go to the Sources menu, and click the + icon to add a new Video Capture Device
  • Add a name and click OK. Visit the Device options and select VtubeStudioCam, and click OK
  • Double-click the Video Capture Device source and open the Properties window for the source. Players will need to set the Resolution option to match the native resolution of their monitor on which VTube Studio is running
  • Right-click on the Video Capture Device source, and select Filters
  • Select the + sign in the Filters window and select Chroma Key
  • The process is similar to the Chroma Key Method mentioned above, and you can adjust the color the Chroma Key is filtering out.

During the Gaiden Event, players will also get to unlock Bangalore’s Prestige Skin, along with several other event-themed cosmetics. Limited-time game modes will also return to the game, and players can expect some changes for Crafting Rotations.

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