Apex Legends Season 10 launched with a number of changes that have affected gameplay and character selections. The addition of the legend Seer, the changes to Caustic, Fuse, Horizon, and Revenant, and even weapon changes have switched up the pick rates this season.

Based on the six million players in the Apex Legends Status website database, the Apex Legends Season 10 pick rates are interesting just starting out the season.

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via Apex Legends Status

The new legend Seer has shot to the top of pick rate at 17% at the time of writing, which is high even for a new legend. Last season, Valkyrie debuted with a 15% pick rate that quickly dropped. Seer’s pick rate is also dropping as players slowly transition back to their main or trying new legends.

Another interesting change in pick rates at the beginning of Season 10 is the lower usage of Season 4 legend Revenant. Revenant received a buff going into Season 10 that allows him to climb even higher but has not reflected in the legend’s pick rate. Fuse, Caustic, and Horizon all received buffs and it seems players are returning to these characters. Going into Season 10, Fuse was the third least-picked legend despite releasing only two seasons ago. After the buff, Fuse quickly shot up, but still only has a 3% pick rate.

Horizon is another legend that has struggled with pick rates after being nerfed. However, Season 10 introduced a change that slightly increases the speed of her Grav Lift, but also limited the slow on her Black Hole ultimate. It seems players are ok with the ultimate nerf, as she has risen to the sixth most-played legend after being in the bottom half for last season.

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