Apex Legends Season 10 features a lot of changes include new care package weapons that may change up gameplay substantially. The Kraber and Triple Take will remain in the care package rotation, but the Prowler Burst PDW is returning to ground loot.

The new weapons joining care packages are the Spitfire LMG and the Alternator SMG. The Spitfire has widely considered being one of the most powerful automatic weapons in the game and will be getting a slight buff as a care package weapon. The Spitfire damage has been increased from 18 to 19 and the purple magazine size will increase from 50 to 55, making this rightfully a care package weapon. The hip-fire spread has been reverted back to Season 7 values, which will make the Spitfire even more accurate.

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The Alternator will come with Disruptor Rounds as a care package weapon and the hop-up can only be found on the Alternator. Disruptor Rounds will increase shield damage by 40%, meaning the Alternator will do 22.4 damage to the body and 33.5 damage to the head when enemies are wearing shields.

The care package weapon percentages have not been revealed yet, but since two weapons are entering care packages and only one is leaving, the chances most likely will be more evenly spread out. The Kraber will most likely still have the lowest chance of being pulled, but the Spitfire may be pretty low as well.

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