Our Apex Legends How-to Gain XP Fast for your Battle Pass article will guide you through the process of gaining experience so you can grind up levels and fully unlock all the rewards in your Battle Pass.

If you saw how much experience was needed to max out the Battle Pass and found it daunting, you weren’t alone! You need a ton of XP to get through all the levels, so I’ve put together some information on the best way to gain it the fastest. Unfortunately, I have found that the best way to gain experience is pretty boring. I would just recommend that you play the game mostly normally (with one exception), and hope you are able to complete most of it by playing

Apex Legends Experience Breakdown

You gain experience by playing the game, but each action you take in the game rewards you with different amounts of XP. Here’s a breakdown of how much XP you’ll get for completing certain actions.

  • Game Win: +900 XP
  • Time Survived: +3 XP per second Survived
  • Kills: +50 XP per Kill
  • Damage Done: +0.25 XP per 1 point of Damage
  • Revive Ally: +25 XP per Ally
  • Respawn Ally: +200 XP per Ally

Those are the standard ways to get XP, you can also get them for killing the champions of the previous match, or killing the current kill leader.

  • 1st Kill of the Day: +500 XP
  • Killed Champion: +500 XP per Champion Killed
  • Kill Leader: +50 XP per Kill Leader Killed
  • Champion Squad: +500 XP for Winning as the Champion Squad
  • Playing with Friends: 5% XP extra based on time played per friend.

Bonus Experience for Playing Different Legends Per Week

Each week you will be able to gain up to 25,000 bonus XP with each Legend (225,000 XP if you have all the Legends). You gain XP this way based on your Time Survived in a match. You gain the same 3 XP per second survived as you do normally, so it is well worth your time to switch Legends once you’ve maxed one out for the week.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to switch your characters up, you also get a +500 Battle Pass XP bonus for the first kill you get each day with a Legend. That’s an extra 4,500 XP towards your pass if you do it each day with every available character. This XP does not count towards the 25,000 XP you can earn, so try to do it even after you’ve maxed out a Legend for the week!

How-to Gain XP the Fastest for Your Battle Pass

Play With Friends

One of the biggest boosts you are going to be able to get XP wise is playing with friends. At level 12 of your Battle Pass you will get the first +2.5% booster per party member item. You get more boosts at 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, 72, 82, 89, and 92. This bonus DOES stack. So, that will give you a maximum of 25% boost per friend, so you can have a total experience boost of 50% if you play with two friends. That right there is going to easily be the best way you can grind up experience.

Survive for as Long as Possible

Unfortunately, rather than heavily rewarding kills or damage, the biggest reward for XP is time survived. You are greatly rewarded if you go run and hide for the majority of the match, and this is especially the case if you have a couple of friends willing to do the same. Not only do you gain the most experience for surviving, but you also get the Legend bonus, and you can get the multiplier for playing with friends. Sadly, the best way to complete your Battle Pass is to go hide in a building and wait out the match.

While it would be most efficient to play with friends and camp your way to sick XP gains, it’s likely a whole lot more fun just to play normally. However, you should play with friends, and you should take advantage of the Legend bonuses each week. You could mix some games up by attempting to survive deeper into the game by taking a safe drop, and then interchange that with hot dropping for some excitement.

How-to Find Friends to Play With

If you aren’t a social butterfly, you might be without people to play with (I’m in a similar boat!). There are some ways to find people to play with so you can get that sweet bonus XP and make some friends along the way. First, you could try joining the official Apex Legends Discord, there’s a “team recruitment” channel where you can go try and find people to play with. There’s also the official Apex Legends Forum, that has a section dedicated to finding a squad on each platform!

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