Our Apex Legends guide on How-to Get the Knife for Wraith will show you what’s required to obtain this awesome cosmetic! If you’ve been watching Shroud dominate in the game while running around with the knife, then you’ll probably want to know how he got it.

This is one of the most sought after cosmetic at the moment, especially if you’ve been watching streams of Wraith players. Unfortunately, getting the item is not super practical at the moment and you are mainly going to have to rely on RNG to get it!

How-to Get the Knife Heirloom for Wraith

First thing to know is that you can’t craft the Heirloom items. We don’t know if this will change in the future, but for now this is the case. Second thing we know is that Wraith is one of the few Legends to have an Heirloom. Hopefully soon more Legends will get these available to them!

New Method

Once the Override Collection Event starts on March 3rd, 2020 you will be able to obtain the Wraith Heirloom a bit differently. Instead of just getting Heirlooms in the order of their release in a random Apex Pack, you will now obtain Heirloom Shards. Once you open a pack with these in them, you can then purchase one of the available heirlooms (Lifeline, Wraith, Bloodhound, or Octane).

We’re changing up the Heirloom system to make it easier for you to acquire the heirloom you want. Instead of an entire Heirloom set dropping at once, you’ll now receive Heirloom shards. You can then use those shards to pick the exact Heirloom set you’d like. The shards will have the same drop rate as the previous system, so that after 500 Apex Packs, you will have enough Heirloom Shards to obtain an Heirloom set from the Heirloom shop. And don’t worry, your existing progress towards the 500 Apex Packs will carry over with the switch. Remember that once a player owns all of the Heirloom sets, the player will not be eligible to receive more shards until more Heirloom Sets are added to the game.


Old Method

So, how you get this is just getting lucky with a loot box. Unfortunately, there’s not much more to it then that. There is one good thing of note, you are guaranteed to open at least one heirloom per 500 packs. What this means is that if you open 499 packs without an Heirloom, you will get it for sure on your 500th. Here’s the official word on this:

Apex Legends currently has one bonus Heirloom Set available, which contains three items for Wraith. When a player opens an Apex Pack, there is a <1% probability of an Heirloom Set dropping. Heirloom Set drops do not deduct an Apex Pack from your inventory. Heirloom Sets cannot be crafted with Crafting Metals. A player cannot open more than 500 Apex Packs without receiving an Heirloom set (assuming the player does not own all of the available Heirloom Sets). Once a player owns all of the Heirloom Sets, the player will not be eligible for this bonus until more Heirloom Sets are added to the game.


The fastest way to get packs is obviously to purchase them with Apex Coins which can be obtained with real money. You can, however, just play the game a ton and level up and earn packs for free. Doing it that way will likely be a very long process unless you get insanely lucky.

What Comes in the Heirloom Pack?

You get three Heirloom quality cosmetics in the pack. This includes an Intro Quip, Melee Weapon Skin, and a Banner Pose. Here’s what they look like in-game:

Wraith Heirloom Intro Quip

The Intro Quip says “Come find me.”

Wraith Heirloom Melee Weapon Skin

The Melee Weapon Skin is called the Kunai. When you run around in-game while playing Wraith with your guns holstered it will show the knife. It doesn’t do any extra damage compared to your regular melee strikes, but it does look pretty awesome.

Wraith Heirloom Banner Pose

The Banner Pose is called Fearless, and is animated with Wraith throwing a couple of her Kunai knives.

Heirloom Opening Video

Here’s a video of what it will look like when you open an Heirloom. You get a special animation from the pack, and bright red lasers come out of the bot. You then get the entire set, you don’t have to get lucky with the rest of the items.

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