The Apex Legends Fight or Fright event runs from October 4, 2022, to November 1, 2022, and features a rotating Halloween shop inventory and new LTMs every week. There will be four LTMs and shop changes throughout the event, so players can try new modes and pick up some new and returning cosmetics in the store.

The primary Fight or Fright event shop featuring new Halloween cosmetic bundles will be available for the full length of the event, but there is also a rotating section where you can purchase returning cosmetics and other themed items.

Here is the Fight or Fright shop rotation and items available to purchase:

Fight or Fright Shop Inventory Oct. 4 – Nov. 1

  • Inner Demon Pack Bundle: Inner Demon Ash Skin and 60 Apex Packs
  • Bladed Wanderer Pack Bundle: Bladed Wanderer Seer Skin and 60 Apex Packs
  • Steampunk Speedster Bundle: Steampunk Octane Skin and 10 Apex Packs
  • Static Spike Bundle: Static Spike Wattson Skin and 10 Apex Packs
  • Hugs Please Pack Bundle: Hugs Please Charm and 100 Apex Packs
  • Deadly Teddy Bundle: Deadly Teddy Revenant Skin and 10 Apex Packs
  • So Serious Bundle: So Serious Caustic Skin and 10 Apex Packs
  • Trick-or-Treat Pack Bundle: Charm and 15 Apex Packs

Along with the shop inventory that will last the entire event, there will also be the rotating event shop available.

Fight or Fright Shop Inventory Oct. 4 – Oct. 11

  • Nothing Phases Me Bundle: Voidwalker Wraith Skin, Banner, Holospray, Finisher, and R-99 Skin (3,500 Apex Coins)
  • Voidwalker Bundle: Voidwalker Skin and Banner (2,500 Apex Coins)
  • Acrobat Wraith Dive Emote (1,250 Apex Coins)
  • Into the Light Wraith Finisher (1,250 Apex Coins)
  • Wraith’s Wrath Bundle: Hemlock Skin and Wraith Skin (1,000 Apex Coins)
  • Leap of Wraith Bundle: Wraith Pose and Wraith Apex Pack (500 Coins)

Fight or Fright Shop Inventory Oct. 11 – Oct. 18

  • Just the Facts Bundle: Memoir Noir Pathfinder Skin, Charm, Pathfinder Pose, Pathfinder Finisher, Pathfinder Emote, Holospray, and Intro Quip (3,500 Apex Coins)
  • Memoir Noir Bundle: Memoir Noir Pathfinder Skins, Charm, and Intro Quip (2,500 Apex Coins)
  • Old Bot, New Trick Pathfinder Emote (1,250 Apex Coins)
  • Iron Haymaker Pathfinder Skin (1,250 Apex Coins)
  • Best Friend Bundle: Havoc Skin and Pathfinder Skin
  • Our Powers Combined Bundle: Pathfinder Pose and Pathfinder Apex Pack

Fight or Fright Shop Inventory Oct. 18 – Nov. 1

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO
  • Emerald Enchantress Bundle: Halloween Wraith Skin, Recolor Skin, and Triple Take Skin (2,150 Coins)
  • Wicked Harvest Bonus Bundle: Bloodhound Halloween Skin, Recolor Skin, Flatline Skin, and Longbow Skin (2,150 Apex Coins)
  • Muerte Rapida Bonus Bundle: Octane Halloween Skin, Banner, Volt Skin, and two Octane Packs (2,100 Apex Coins)
  • Sweet Dreams Bundle: Caustic Halloween Skin, Recolor Skin, Wingman Skin (2,150 Apex Coins)
  • Dread Navigator Bundle: Bloodhound Halloween Skin, Wingman Skin, Holospray (2,500 Apex Coins)
  • Hunter Within Bundle: Hunter Within Bloodhound Skin, R-301 Skin, Bloodhound Pose, Banner, and Bloodhound Event Trackers (3,000 Apex Coins)
  • Out For Blood Bundle: Out for Blood Seer Skin, Hemlock Skin, Pose, Banner, and Seer event Trackers (3,000 Apex Coins)
  • Midnight Cipher Bonus Bundle: Crypto Halloween Skin, Recolor Skin, G-7 Scout Skin, and Crypto Pose (2,150 Apex Coins)
  • Old Town Bundle: Mirage Halloween Skin, Recolor Skin, Prowler Skin (2,150 Apex Coins)
  • Blood and Plunder Bundle: Maggie Skin, Holospray, Wingman Skin (2,500 Apex COins)
  • Born in Blood Bundle: Gibraltar Halloween Skin, Recolor Skin, Havoc Skin (2,150 Apex Coins)
  • Necro Nightmare Bundle: Teddy Revenant Skin, Pose, Banner, Spitfire Skin, and Revenant event Trackers (3,000 Apex Coins)
  • Synthesis Chamber Bundle: Synthesis Caustic Skin, Pose, Banner, R-99 Skin, Caustic event Trackers (3,000 Apex Coins)
  • La Catrina Bundle: Banglaore Halloween Skin, Recolor Skin, Mastiff Skin (2,150 Apex Coins)
  • Dread Captain Bundle: Dread Captain Fuse Skin, Holospray, Wingman Skin

It seems the last shop rotation will be when to grab all the good deals. The previous Halloween skins bundles are a great deal and the Monster Within bundles can be a great purchase if you have not gotten any of those event skins.

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