We’re taking a look at the Best Loadouts for Apex Legends! If you are curious what weapons you should be pairing together to make the best combination then this guide should help give you some ideas.

The term “loadout” might be confusing to some, so I will explain it a bit. Your loadout is generally the ideal weapon pairing that you are seeking when putting together your arsenal to go to battle. In Battle Royale games, you don’t always have your favorite options available, so knowing the types of weapons that pair together best is valuable. It’s also important to get a sense of what you are looking for while looting because there’s a ton of different options, and having to think about it too much during the game can get you killed!

Best Loadouts for Apex Legends

Wingman & Peacekeeper

This is probably one of the best high burst damage potential loadouts for mid-to-close range. The Wingman is your midrange option, and if you have precise aim can pop some really heavy damaged shots. This powerful pistol is improved greatly by the Skullpiercer Rifling that can be added to the Hop-Up attachment slot. With that in the slot, it increases the damage on your headshots even further.

The Peacekeeper is one of the most popular options in the game right now. It is dominant in close quarter battles, as it does very heavy damage if you can land full pellet headshots on your enemy. This weapon also benefits greatly from a Hop-Up attachment. Be on the look out for the Precision Choke. Once you have this on your shotgun, you can hold down the aim button to charge and your next shot will be extremely concentrated. This means you have more of a chance to land the full extent of your shot on your enemy and will do a ton of damage. It also helps give you further reach on your shots if you don’t want to switch back to your Wingman.

For the most part, you can pair either the Wingman or the Peacekeeper with any other weapon currently. These are two of the most popular weapons in the game right now.

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Longbow & Wingman

If you are a long time player of Counter-Strike then this loadout will be very reminiscent of the AWP with the Desert Eagle. The Longbow is a heavy hitting sniper, but if you are lucky enough with Supply Drops you can actually upgrade this slot to the Kraber .50-CAL Sniper Rifle. This is the true best in slot for this loadout as the Kraber can one shot players with a well placed headshot.

The Wingman here serves as your midrange option, or as the gun you quickly switch to after you do a chunk of damage with your sniper. You can also run a Peacekeeper in this type of build, especially if you’ve got the Precision Choke that helps increase its range.

R-99 & Mid-to-Longer Range Weapon

The R-99 is an extremely fast shooting SMG that can shred people down at close range. This weapon is great if you don’t like shotguns and want to avoid running the Peacekeeper. Ideally, you’ll want to quickly find a magazine attachment for this gun because it runs through its capacity very fast.

For your secondary option, you have a variety of choices. Any of the assault rifles are good including the Hemlok (Burst) or Flatline. The Spitfire LMG is solid as well, or you could just run one of the sniper rifle options, and that includes the G7 Scout that is surprisingly good for a light ammo sniper. Wingman is always a good midrange option as well, it fits nicely alongside the R-99. If you find quite a bit of energy ammo, you can try out the Devotion which is very strong at midrange.

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R-301 Carbine & R-99 or Peacekeeper

The R-301 Carbine is very similar to the R-99 but it has more range and packs a bit more punch. This does shoot slower, so it’s not as good for close range situations but is serviceable. This gun benefits greatly to having a magazine attachment because the stock capacity is relatively low. This gun is very good at midrange, which will be generally where you are fighting people.

For the second option you can go with the R-99 or the Peacekeeper. It really depends on if you like shotguns or if you prefer laser beams. If you are coming from Fortnite, then the Peacekeeper is going to likely feel a lot more familiar to you.

While you can go for a close ranged option, you can also opt for a longer distance weapon because the R-301 is quite good at close range.

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