Our Apex Legends Attachment List features every currently available attachment for all of your weapons. We’ve got a list of barrel, magazine, optics (scopes), stocks, and unique hop-up attachments.

Attachments are items that can be added to most weapons in the game. Each specific weapon has a certain amount and type that can be equipped. These attachments can improve recoil, ammo capacity, increase reload speed, increase fire rate, improve handling, and drift. It is very important to have a well-equipped gun as you go into the late game because anyone you face is going to likely have a fully stacked weapon.

For the most part, each attachment has multiple rarities. There’s common (white), rare (blue), epic (purple) and sometimes legendary (gold). Common is the lowest and legendary is the highest quality. The higher the rarity of the attachment you have the better it’s going to be.

Apex Legends Attachments List

We’ve got a full list of all of the available attachments below.


This isn’t really an attachment, but it doesn’t really fit anywhere else. Picking these up will upgrade your inventory and allow you to carry more items.

  • Common: 2 additional inventory slots.
  • Rare: 4 additional inventory slots.
  • Epic: 6 additional inventory slots.
  • Legendary: 6 additional inventory slots.
    • Fast Heal: Healing items take half as long to use.

Barrel Attachments

Barrel attachments are pretty limited and are only for reducing recoil on your weapons.

Barrel Stabilizer

  • Common: Small recoil reduction.
  • Rare: Moderate recoil reduction.
  • Epic: Large recoil reduction.
  • Legendary: Large recoil reduction.
    • Reduces weapon flash.

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Magazine Attachments

Magazine attachments generally increase the amount of ammo you can have in a magazine, but some increase reload speed and fire rate.

Extended Light Mag (Light Weapons)

  • Common: Slightly increase ammo capacity.
  • Rare: Increased ammo capacity with quicker reloads.
  • Epic: High ammo capacity with fast reloads.

Extended Heavy Mag (Heavy Weapons)

  • Common: Slightly increases ammo capacity.
  • Rare: Increased ammo capacity with quicker reloads.
  • Epic: High ammo capacity with fast reloads.

Shotgun Bolt (Shotguns)

  • Common: Small upgrade to fire rate.
  • Rare: Moderate upgrade to fire rate.
  • Epic: Maximum upgrade to fire rate.

Optic Attachments

Optics give you an improved visual when you are aiming down the sights of your gun. There are variable options that allow you to switch between zoom distances which will give you the ability to use the gun in mid or longer range engagements. Some optics are for specific weapons, they will be listed when this is the case.

1x Holo (All Weapons)

Close range optic.

1x – 2x Variable Holo (All Weapons)

Close range optic with variable zoom.

1x HCOG ‘Classic’ (All Weapons)

Close range optic.

2x HCOG ‘Bruiser’ (All Weapons)

Close range optic.

3x HCOG ‘Ranger’ (Sniper, LMG, AR, SMG)

Mid-range optic.

2x-4x Variable AOG (Sniper, LMG, AR, SMG)

Mid-range optic with variable zoom.

Digital Threat (Shotgun, SMG, Pistol)

This is the legendary option for shorter ranged weapon that allows for the highlighting of enemies.

Close range optic with threat highlighting.

6x Sniper (Sniper)

Basic sniper optic.

4x-8x Variable Sniper (Sniper)

Sniper optic with multiple zoom levels.

4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat (Sniper)

This is a legendary sniper scope that allows for the highlighting of enemies and threats.

Sniper optic with threat highlighting and digital zoom.

Stock Attachments

Stocks will upgrade your handling and reduce aim drift. Handling is how fast you can switch between weapons, and aim drift happens when you are looking down sights prior to firing.

Sniper Stock (Sniper)

  • Common: Improves handling and reduces aim drift.
  • Rare: Quicker handling & moderate aim drift reduction.
  • Epic: Fast handling & large aim drift reduction.

Standard Stock (LMG, AR, SMG)

  • Common: Improves handling and reduces aim drift.
  • Rare: Quicker handling & moderate aim drift reduction.
  • Epic: Fast handling & large aim drift reduction.

Hop-Up Attachments

Hop-up attachments are very unique, and are generally specific to each weapon. Most weapons don’t have the option for a hop-up, so it’s pretty luck based whether you find the right hop-up for the particular gun you are using.

Precision Choke (Triple Take, Peacekeeper)

This attachment fits on a sniper rifle or a shotgun! The Triple Take fires a horizontal shot that spreads across three projectiles which is pretty interesting for a sniper rifle. This will tighten that spread up and bring it more inline with a regular sniper. The Peacekeeper is pretty powerful without this attachment, now you’ll have a more concentrated spread that will hit can hit bigger crits from further away.

Reduces projectile spread for compatible weapons.

Selectfire Receiver (Prowler, Havoc)

The Prowler is normally a burst weapon, but with this hop-up attachment you can select between fire modes. The Havoc can also use this, and it allows you to fire a charged shot!

Enables fire select for compatible weapons.

Skullpiercer Rifling (Longbow, Wingman)

This is an interesting attachment because it fits on both a sniper rifle and a pistol.

Increased headshot damage for compatible weapons.

Turbocharger (Devotion, Havoc)

Energy rifles & LMGs are on the slow side, but with this attachment the speed of fire with the Devotion or Havoc makes them a whole lot better.

Reduces autofire spin-up time for compatible weapons.

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