The Apex Legends Beast of Prey Event runs from September 20, 2022 to October 4, 2022 and features a new LTM Gun Run, 24 new event cosmetics to earn or purchase, and daily challenges to progress through the Beast of Prey free reward track.

The Beast of Prey event features five tiered challenges that can be completed each day to earn up to 1,600 points towards the reward tracker. There are two Battle Royale-only challenges and three that can be completed in any mode including Gun Run. Here are the challenges and how many points you can earn from each:

  • Play Matches (2, 5): 200 Total Points
  • Deal Damage (1500, 3500): 300 Total Points
  • Get Kills or Assists (15, 25): 300 Total Points
  • Get Knockdowns in BR (5, 12): 300 Total Points
  • BR: Place Top 10 in a Match (4, 10): 300 Total Points

The Beast of Prey event free rewards go up to 5,000 and end with a Legendary Flatline skin. With two weeks to complete the reward track, there is plenty of opportunities to earn points throughout the event.

An easy way to quickly complete damage and the kills/assists challenge is to play Gun Run or Arenas. Both modes do take longer on average, but the damage will stack up very fast. Players can complete the whole reward track by completing all challenges every day for three days.

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