Our Anthem How-to Get Legion of Dawn Armor & Weapon Guide has all the information you need on how-to obtain this pre-purchase gear!

If you splurged a bit on your purchase of Anthem and got the Legion of Dawn edition then you will no doubt want to know how to get this sweet gear! Below are the steps and things you’ll need to complete to get it!

Finish the Introduction

You’ll need to get through some of the introductory stuff before you can get access to this gear. You’ll eventually go through and complete the Lost Alchemist mission.

Talk to Prospero

Once you’ve come back from completing that previous mission, you will talk to Prospero. He will send you into the free play portion of the game which unlocks it.

Collect Ember Pieces

Once you’re in freeplay mode, you’ll need to collect three Ember Pieces. These can be obtained by going around and harvesting all of the various resources you can find on the map. They drop pretty regularly, but it’s not a 100% drop rate.

Return to Prospero

Returning to Prospero and turning in the quest will unlock the shop. You can purchase various things here like cosmetics like paint jobs and other stuff you can use coins to buy.

In the store, scroll over to the “Rewards” section and you should find the icon for unlocking the Legion of Dawn set.

You’ll also get a pretty cool Legendary weapon that will be useful for your first ten or so levels.

It has a pretty nice perk, when you empty the magazine fully it will automatically start your shield recharge!

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