Anime Warriors is a great in-depth anime game on Roblox that allows players to become all their favorite anime characters from Naruto, One Piece, and more. Team up with friends as you take on daunting foes around the world. Improve your character’s skills to learn powerful new abilities to utilize in your battles. The developers work hard to bring updates and original features to the game, as well as regular codes and special events for players. You can join the Anime Warriors group and connect with fellow players and the team behind Anime Warriors via their social media accounts, such as Discord and Twitter.

What is Anime Warriors Discord Server?

The Anime Warriors Discord server is the best place to connect with others through real-time chat and messaging. You can find info about any updates, codes, or events through their server or make new friends with other players. You can join Discord by connecting an email address and creating a screen name. However, please be aware that Discord requires users to be aged 13+.

The Anime Warriors Twitter account is more reliable for getting update info, announcements, or special codes that you may not find anywhere else for the game. This is where the developers share regular info about events happening in Anime Warriors, or any other news players need or want to hear about. You can follow along and get notifications by creating your own Twitter account.

You can find more of Anime Warriors’ social links listed on the game’s page on Roblox. Don’t forget to bookmark and watch GameTips.PRO for more guides and code lists for Anime Warriors!

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