Anime Warriors is one of the latest gacha-style combat games to release on the Roblox Platform. Like most titles from the gacha genre, Anime Warriors contains a large array of playable characters in its roster. Due to this, many new players often do not know the potential of most heroes, as they would need to grind for a while to spin and unlock most characters. So, if you are new to Anime Warriors and do not know how the characters at your disposal would rank against other players, check our up to-date Anime Warriors Character tier list.

All Characters in Anime Warriors – ranked

Note: The characters within each tier are not arranged in any particular rank order.

S+Broly, Urahara, Madara
SSasuke, Rengoku, All Might, Endeavor, Akaza, The 4th
A Natsu, Kakashi, Zenitsu, Vegeta, Mihawk
BTanjiro, Garra, Kirito
CTodoroki, Sanji, Ichigo, Luffy, Zoro, Sasuke, Naruto, Bakugo,
DUsopie, Yamucha, Yugo, Urara, Tion, Recoome, Nami, Roshi Masteroni, Kuirin, Ched, Guido, Kid Goran, Kid Sakora
FBandit, Mist Shinobi, Water, Punk, Marine Swordsman, Marine Shooter, Male Wizard, Demon, Female Wizard

Best Characters in Anime Warriors

Best 6 Star Character in Anime Warriors


  • Madara is not only the best 6-star character but also the overall best character in the game. His kit can output a lot of DPS, knockback enemies, and provide AOE-style attacks. There are very few heroes in the game able to counter Madara in a PvP scenario, such as Urahara or Broly. Remember, you can only get Madara from the ongoing Season 1 Release Battle Pass. 

Best 5 Star Character in Anime Warriors


  • Rengoku is the best 5-star hero in Anime Warriors. Unlike most 5-star characters, he can deal damage to enemies in both close and long ranges using abilities like Blazing Attack and Scorching Eruption. Apart from that, he is one of the few five-star units that can evolve into a six-star unit. You can transform your Rengoku into a Blazing Heart Rengoku. 

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