Anime Adventures is one of many tower-defense-style experiences that has risen to extreme popularity on the Roblox platform. Similar to All Star Tower Defense, Anime Adventures players can unlock units styled after characters from various anime, level them up, and use them to defend their base. Because this experience is so popular, it receives updates regularly—one of which is detailed below!

Update 1.5 Log and Patch Notes Summary

Released on July 24, 2022, the Raid update consists of the following changes:

Update 1.5

  • Added two new challenging raids
    • Raids are set to occur at random times throughout the day
  • Added new raid units and evolutions
  • Added Banner Tiers
    • Tier 0: Can’t summon Secrets or Shinies
    • Tier 1: Can summon Shinies but not Secrets
    • Tier 2: Can summon Secrets and Shinies
  • Added the ability to remove Shiny from your Shiny units
  • Added more bug fixes, balance changes, and general improvements

In a smaller update that occurred on the same day, Anime Adventures’ co-owner, Scripts, announced the following adjustments:

  • Increased raid frequency
  • Decreased raid ticket gold cost from 2500 to 1500
  • Increased shards from raid stars by 2x

Along with the changes mentioned above, the head moderator for the Anime Adventures Discord, Melon, announced that a new world would be coming to the experience soon. No specific date has been announced at the time of this article’s publication, but, assuming that it follows the same timeline of previous updates, it’s likely that we’ll see its debut within the next month or so.

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