At the start of December, players will start to see holiday items arrive in-store, and once it reaches the 15th, ornaments will be up in the trees and grant players access to the Toy Day DIYs. Not all of the Toy Day DIYs can be unlocked early on in the month, however, there are several that can. Here are all the purchasable and DIY Toy Day gifts!

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Purchasable Toy Day Set Items

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These are holiday gift items that can be bought at the Nook’s Cranny. These are items that can be set up around the player’s home as a display or around the island.

  • Dinosaur Toy – Costs 2,400 bells and comes in gray, brown, green, blue, and red.
  • Dollhouse – Costs 4,000 bells and comes in red, brown, blue, orange, green, pink, and purple.
  • Kid’s Tent – Costs 4,500 bells and comes in white, pink, black, blue, brown, stripes, floral, and colorful.
  • Mini Circuit – Costs 3,800 bells and comes in red and white, blue and yellow, black and silver, and pink and purple.
  • Pop-Up Book – Costs 2,000 bells and comes in The Ocean Blue, The Mesozoic World, Savannah, and Flowers.
  • Puppy Plushie – Costs 2,400 bells and comes in beige, red, lemon and white, spotted, black, tricolored, gray and white, and pink.
  • RC Helicopter– Costs 3,600 bells and comes in blue, red, yellow, green, pink, light blue, and purple.
  • Tin Robot – Costs 3,500 bells and comes in silver, blue, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, and black.
  • Set of Stockings – Costs 2,000 bells and comes in colorful, cute, cool, chic, elegant, and natural patterns.

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Festive Series DIYs

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

Throughout December and into early January, players in both hemispheres can gain Toy Day and other holiday DIYs. Most are found through either the Daily Broadcasts across the island, washed up on the beach in a bottle, or fall from the balloon gift boxes. Explore and chat with other islanders for more of these kinds of DIYs.

Big Festive Tree

  • Five pieces of wood
  • Five pieces of clay
  • Four gold ornaments
  • Six blue ornaments
  • Six red ornaments

Falling-Snow Wall

  • 10 stones
  • Three snowflakes

Festive Rug

  • Five gold ornaments
  • Five blue ornaments
  • Five red ornaments

Festive Top Set

  • One piece of hardwood
  • Two gold ornaments

Festive Tree

  • Five wood
  • Two gold ornaments
  • Three blue ornaments
  • Three red ornaments

Festive Wrapping Paper

  • A gold ornament
  • A blue ornament
  • A red ornament

Gift Pile

  • A wooden-block toy
  • A cardboard box
  • One sheet of red wrapping paper

Holiday Candle

  • Five clumps of weeds
  • Five red ornaments

Illuminated Present

  • Three iron nuggets
  • Four gold ornaments
  • Three red ornaments

Illuminated Reindeer

  • Five iron nuggets
  • Six gold ornaments

Illuminated Snowflakes

  • Three iron nuggets
  • Nine blue ornaments

Illuminated Tree

  • Six iron nuggets
  • Six gold ornaments
  • Eight blue ornaments
  • Eight red ornaments

Jingle Wall

  • Five pieces of clay
  • Five gold ornaments
  • Five blue ornaments
  • Five red ornaments

Ornament Mobile

  • Four tree branches
  • One gold ornament
  • One blue ornament
  • One red ornament

Ornament Wreath

  • Two gold ornaments
  • Six blue ornaments

Tabletop Festive Tree

  • Two pieces of clay
  • Three tree branches
  • Five gold ornaments

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