Toy Day is the winter holiday within Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The holiday is celebrated on Dec. 24th, however, players have several season items available as early as Dec. 1st. Along with additional items, there are several things to take part in on Toy Day that unlock more for players.

Making Toy Day Festive Wrapping Paper

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One of the first things players can do on Toy Day is speaking to Jingle the reindeer. He’ll ask the player for help as he has many presents to wrap, but doesn’t have the paper he needs to wrap them. He’ll gift the player with the special Festive Wrapping Paper DIY so that players can make it for him.

Players should create three sheets of this paper to complete this task. Shake the trees on the island to knock ornaments down. Here are the ones needed to create this DIY.

What players need to craft a sheet of Festive Wrapping Paper:

  • One Red Ornament
  • One Blue Ornament
  • One Gold Ornament

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Hang up Toy Day Stockings

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Jingle will reward the player for crafting his wrapping paper with some stockings. He’ll then contemplate what would happen if the player happened to hang the stockings up in their home before the night was over. Players should make sure to hang these up in their homes before the day is over in order to get Jingle’s Photo on the following day.

Toy Day Present Delivery

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After the player has helped Jingle out with his wrapping paper needs, he’ll ask the player to take his Magic Bag and deliver presents to all of the villagers of the island. Make sure to check for them everywhere on the island, including in their home. Players can check the bag at any time to see how many presents they still need to deliver.


  • 50% of Gifts Delivered – Gift Pile
  • 100% of Gifts Delivered – Toy Day Sleigh

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Give and Receive Toy Day Presents

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After handing out the Magic Bag gifts, players can also choose to purchase gifts for villagers of their own. Depending on the relationship that the player has with each of the villagers they may or may not get a present in return. If they do gift the player, it will be a special colored Toy Day-specific item.

At this point in time, players can also do gift exchanges with the other islanders. Wrapping paper is the main item players should use for trading. This will get players other Toy Day furniture items.

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