With Among Us, you can play with various people from different locations, consoles, and ages. Sometimes, language can pop up that may not be appropriate for younger players. It’s a good thing parents can censor the chat.

Although this is already done by default, here’s how you can check the parental controls and turn them back on if you ever find the need:

  • To access the Settings, press the gear button
    • Go to the main menu first and go to Settings if you wish to do this without being interrupted by gameplay.
  • Press Censor Chat.
    • Clicking it will turn it on or off for PCs.
    • On a mobile device, you can turn it On or Off by pressing it
    • It is simply a matter of selecting it on consoles.

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All curses and offensive language are converted to asterisks (*). The feature is only available for text chat. Players cannot use it to silence other players who speak aloud.

The censorship system is not the best, even with text chat. There are times when words that are not even remotely inappropriate are censored. In the past, the developers have taken a lot of heat for this. There have been many complaints about players having their entire chats changed to asterisks.

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