Do you want to make enemies with your closest friends, then the easiest way to do that is to betray them when playing Among Us! Among Us has truly taken the world by storm, and with updates coming regularly, everyone is looking forward to what Innersloth has planned for the future!

Among Us How to Update on PC

If you own Among Us on PC, then there are a few ways to update the game, depending on where you purchased it. The simplest method is through Steam, but if you have purchased it on, then the process isn’t that much harder.

If you have the Steam version of Among Us, the game will automatically update when one is available, or it will let you know that there is an update and whether you want to update it now; instead of updating it when you need the internet, the most.

On the Steam version, you do have the option to download beta updates, which can be done by doing the following:

  • Launch Steam and head over to your Library.
  • On the left side-bar, right-click on Among Us.
  • Select properties from the list that appears.
  • Click on the betas tab.
  • Then from the Dropdown menu, select public beta. And then click on close. The game should update automatically after that with the latest beta.

Note: This only works if there is a beta to download.

If you have purchased Among Us from, you also get a Steam Key, but you can choose not to use it. If you have chosen not to use the Steam key, you have to re-download the game each time there is a new update. This will won’t take long, as the game is currently 61MB in size!

You can either copy the new files into the old file location by dragging the files over. Or just delete the old version of the game and play with the new files. On the page, under purchase they should be a redownload button, it’ll either be sent to your email, or you can redownload it there and then.

As you need to log in to play the game, all of your hats and cosmetics are safely stored on servers!

If you haven’t heard, a new map is coming to Among Us, and why not check out our patch notes for the game so you can know what’s been added or changed!

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