This year, Among Us soared as one of the most popular online party experiences, and for good reason. This multiplayer social deduction game allowed us to interact with a host of friends while maintaining social distance. From the comfort of our own PCs and mobile devices, players have taken the roles of Impostor and Crewmate, and perhaps risked some friendships along the way! Among Us is great fun, but with most online games, players have dealt with unfortunate connection issues.

Whether it’s a specific issue like the “game you tried join is full” error, or a scheduled maintenance update, Among Us has seen it’s fair share of Internet problems. To be fair, however, Innsersloth is aware of the problems and is doing their very best to maintain the player base – which only seems to be growing with every passing day! With that said, players should have the resources to check the Among Us server status when the game is at full capacity or goes offline. Luckily there are places to check, and we’ve got you covered.

How to check Among Us Server Status

There are 2 places to check the Among Us server status if you are experiencing issues:

  1. The Among Us Twitter page
  2. Among Us Downdetector

The official Among Us Twitter page from Innersloth is brand new and officially launched on Nov. 18. There hasn’t been too much tweeting from the account in a day’s time, but what’s been posted has so far been promising. Not only has the Among Us Twitter page hinted at new map details at the upcoming Game Awards, but the Among Us Twitter page has also emphasized the developer’s commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful community. These are sure signs that the Among Us Twitter account will provide frequent updates on the server status, too.

Luckily there hasn’t been many online issues with the game since the Twitter account’s launch, but make sure to keep a tab on this page. If you want to take it one step further, you can sign up for immediate notifications that push directly to your phone. Just follow the Among Us Twitter account and click the Bell icon. This will enable notifications for all of the account’s tweets.

You can also check the Among Us server status by visiting the Among Us Downdetector page. This website gathers outage data from user reports in real time. So, if multiple players are reporting that the game isn’t working properly, there is most likely a larger issue with the game than your home internet connection. This website also separates the types of issues users are experiencing, such as Server Connection, Login, and Website. The Among Us Downdetector page certainly comes in handy if Innersloth hasn’t yet had the chance to update server status from their end.


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