One of the more well-received Roblox brand collaborations, the Alo Sanctuary experience was originally released in Feb. 2022 and has been maintaining a positive user rating since. As most experiences discover, this positive rating is likely due in part to the number of free items that can be obtained inside of Alo Sanctuary, with the yoga company releasing 12 free items upon its debut. Now, as we move into May 2022, rumors have surfaced that the experience will add another 11 free items for players to collect.

While little information is known about the item’s details at the time of this article’s publication, many believe that their presence in the experience has been confirmed by the addition of 11 new badges, all named Future Badge followed by a number one through 11, that seemingly hint at the ability to obtain a corresponding avatar item upon earning them. A few of these possible new items are listed below.

  • Warrior Mat + Alo Yoga Strap (Pink Tie-Dye)
  • Warrior Mat + Alo Yoga Strap (Blue Tie-Dye)
  • Quilted Arena Hoodie
  • White District Trucker Hat

Considering these items are fairly similar to their currently existing counterparts, we assume that a majority of them will be earned the same way. For example, the District Trucker Hat, which is a black version of the new White District Trucker Hat, can be obtained by collecting 24 energy orbs inside of Alo Sanctuary, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the new hat is obtained by repeating this process.

As mentioned in the Quilted Arena Hoodie’s description, many of these items will likely arrive in May, which could start a new list of challenges inside of Alo Sanctuary that last the entire month. When these items are released, we will we will post a guide on how to earn them accordingly!

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