Albert Wesker, or The Mastermind, is the second Resident Evil Killer to come to the Fog in Dead by Daylight. He is joined by the Survivors Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Wesker is a quick and lethal Killer who can move past obstacles and track Survivors quickly.

Dead by Daylight – The Mastermind Perks and Abilities

  • Virulent Bound (Power)
    • The Mastermind can barrel forward, infecting Survivors with the Uroboros virus or leaping over obstacles.
    • Press and hold the power button to charge a Bound Attack. While charging, The Mastermind moves slightly slower as he prepares his strike.
    • Hitting a Survivor with a Bound Attack afflicts them with Infection.
    • Hitting a Survivor already afflicted with Infection with a Bound Attack will increase their Infection.
    • Crashing into something during a Bound Attack will slam a nearby Survivor, causing damage; if not, the Survivor is thrown and loses a Health State if they are thrown into any solid object.
    • The Uroboros Infection builds over time. Upon reaching Critical Infection, the Survivor suffers from the Hindered Status Effect, reducing their movement speed. If The Mastermind grabs and slams a Critically Infected Survivor while using Virulent Bound, he will automatically begin to carry them.
  • Superior Anatomy
    • Decades of research have culminated in you: something faster, stronger, and more dangerous than any human. Superior Anatomy activates when a Survivor performs a rushed vault within eight meters of you.
    • Increases your vaulting speed by 30/35/40% the next time you vault a window.
  • Awakened Awareness
    • Your genes have been altered to heighten your senses in intense situations.
    • While carrying a Survivor, the auras of all other Survivors are revealed to you when they are within 16/18/20 meters of your location.
  • Terminus
    • You are a brilliant tactician who prepares for every eventuality.
    • Once the exit gates are powered, Terminus activates. All injured, dying, or hooked Survivors suffer from the broken status effect until the exit gates are opened. This effect lingers for an additional 20/25/30 seconds after the exit gates are open.

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