All Elite Wrestling stepped into the world of gaming with AEW Fight Forever. With a roster of over 40 of the biggest names in the industry, the title allows fans to live out their wildest dream matches and feel the joy of landing a piledriver without the ensuing hospital bill. And to make things more interesting, there is a bevy of weapons available to really bring the hurt.

AEW Fight Forever Weapons List

AEW Fight Forever advertises over 40 weapons to use, but at the time of this writing, hasn’t shown off more than what is listed below. We’ll make sure to update this list as more information is provided. But what has already been shown are some of the expected hallmarks in any wrestling match.

  • Bats
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Folding Chairs
  • Trash Cans

With no release date announced as of yet, fans will need to be patient before they can sink their teeth into AEW Fight Forever. Until it’s finally released, wrestling fans can always sink their teeth into WWE 2K22 with our full list of locker codes.

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