Within the six skill trees that players can invest in as Aloy, there are several skills classified as Weapon Techniques. These are skills specific to certain weapon types that offer and a special ability that can be triggered if they have enough ammo, and/or stamina.

Each weapon type has one to three of these techniques that can be unlocked within their skill tree. There are 10 weapons in total that players can choose from, each with its own playstyles that work best with them. We’ll go over each of them; Blastsling, Boltblaster, Hunter Bow, Ropecaster, Sharpshot Bow, Shredder Gauntlet, Spike Thrower, Tripcaster, and Warrior Bow.

Blastsling Weapon Techniques

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Blastslings are a weapon that shoots out bombs with large elemental effects. As such, Blastslings work best at a larger distance and/or in stealth. Players can unlock these techniques through the Survivor skill tree.

  • Bouncing Bomb – Fire an explosive bomb that becomes more powerful with each bounce.
  • Burst Dodge – Lobs a burst of bombs forward while dodging automatically backwards.
  • Sticky Bomb – Fire a wide spread of bombs at once for a short distance in front of Aloy that explode with a slight delay.

Boltblaster Weapon Techniques

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The Boltblaster is a heavy weapon type that is like a semi-automatic crossbow. Due to it being heavy, players won’t be able to dodge quickly with this weapon, and loading it up can take a long time. Players can unlock this weapon’s techniques in the Hunter skill tree.

  • Spread Blast – Fire eight bolts in a wide short-range spread.
  • Sustained Burst – Unleash an entire clip of bolts at once.
  • Ultra Shot – Fire a burst of special explosive bolts that can hit targets at a further range.

Hunter Bow Weapon Techniques

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The Hunter Bow is the middle bow between the Warrior Bow and the Sharpshot bow. As such, it offers a medium distance and works great in most combat situations with some small space between Aloy and her attackers. Players can unlock these weapon techniques through the Hunter skill tree.

  • High Volley – Fire a high-arching volley of arrows to rain down in a small AOE.
  • Triple Notch – Load the bow with up to three arrows before firing to shoot them simultaneously.
  • Knockdown Shot – Fires a special type of arrow that does no damage but can knockdown small targets and stagger large ones.

The Ropecaster Weapon Technique

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The Ropecaster is a weapon based around trapping or slowing down the player’s enemy. However, depending on which version a player is using, such as the Canister option, it will have alternative uses that can deal more damage. That being said, this weapon has a single technique found in the Trapper skill tree.

  • Penetrating Rope – Fire a rope that can attach to any part of an enemy without needing to fully draw the weapon.

Sharpshot Bow Weapon Techniques

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The Sharpshot Bow is the largest and longest distance bow available within Aloy’s arsenal. This bow works best from a good distance as it is slow and is helped by having a high perch or hiding spot. This bow’s techniques can be unlocked through the Infiltration skill tree.

  • Braced Shot – Fire a powerful shot from a kneeling position.
  • Double Notch – Load a second arrow and fire to release both at once.
  • Focused Shot – Increases Aloy’s zoom during her concentration and deal extra damage.

Shredder Gauntlet Weapon Techniques

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This entirely new weapon grants Aloy a type of short-distance boomerang that isn’t always guaranteed to come back. As such, it is a great alternative to the Warrior Bow in a pinch for players who like to fight up close and personal with their enemies. Players can get these weapon techniques from the Survivor skill tree.

  • Triple Shredder – Launches three shredders at once, of which, only one will return to be caught.
  • Shredder Mine – Launch a shredder that ricochets off its point of contact before hovering in place, dealing shock damage to nearby enemies for a short time.
  • Power Shredder – Launch a special shredder that deals extra damage to a target. This shredder will not return to Aloy.

Spike Thrower Weapon Techniques

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Spike Throwers are a type of thrown spear that Aloy gains access to initially at Chainscrape. These spikes tend to have a mixture of elemental, tear, and impact damage that generally requires the player to be fairly close to their enemy. Players can unlock these techniques from the Machine Master skill tree.

  • Spike Trap – Launch a spike that becomes a trap on impact with the environment.
  • Propelled Spike – Launch a powerful long-range spike that explodes on impact.
  • Splitting Spike – Launch a spike that splits into multiple projectiles, making the attack more of an AOE.

The Tripcaster Weapon Technique

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The Tripcaster is a weapon that allows Aloy to layout tripwires nearby to her current position. These work best in a stealthy playthrough or ambush. Its single technique can be unlocked from the Trapper skill tree.

  • Quick Wire – This allows players to quickly release both ends of a tripwire at once. Great to use as a machine is charging the player.

Warrior Bow Weapon Techniques

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The Warrior Bow is the most compact bow that is both the quickest and has the shortest range. Players can find all of the Warrior Bow techniques in the Warrior skill tree.

  • Burst Fire – Fire three arrows in a quick burst.
  • Melee Detonator – Fires a special arrow that can be detonated via a melee attack within a short time period from the initial shot.
  • Spread Shot – Fire five arrows in a horizontal spread.

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