In Steelrising, you play as Aegis; you’ll have several weapons and tools at your disposal to conquer the Automats. Each of these weapons will also have an affinity to different attributes. Here are the weapon affinities in Steelrising and what they mean.

Weapon Affinities explained in Steelrising

Weapon affinities are the weapons scaling in Steelrising. A weapon will either have an affinity to the PowerAgility, Elemental Alchemy, or all three. This will take your base attribute and apply bonus damage to the weapon based on its affinity. The Affinity rating can scale from F to S. The higher the rating, the higher the bonus damage. 

The below image shows that the Hephaestus Batons have C Power Affinity, E Agility Affinity, and B Alchemy Affinity. When you level up, these Batons will benefit the most if you invest in Elemental Alchemy Attribute. Each weapon has a different affinity to the three main stats; check the weapon’s affinities before upgrading it to ensure it fits within your build. 

How to improve weapon affinity in Steelrising

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

You can improve a weapon’s affinity by increasing the weapon’s level. To do this, head to a Vestal and select the Upgrades menu. Tab across to Weapons and choose the weapon you wish to upgrade. If the symbol next to the affinity is an up arrow, it will increase its scaling when leveled. 

Not all weapons affinities will increase by level. Be sure only to level up weapons that match your primary attribute. Your primary attribute should be either Power, Agility, or Elemental Alchemy. We recommend initially only investing in one of these attributes and picking a corresponding weapon.

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