Like many other RPGs, Elden Ring offers a wide variety of weaponry, status effects, and affinities for players, enemies, and weaponry to take on. Those aiming to conquer the Lands Between must learn and master these many types of statuses. Weapon Affinities in Elden Ring are paramount for player success, so make sure you know where each Affinity excels.

We’ve listed each of Elden Ring’s Weapon Affinities and their effects below:

Weapon Affinities and Effects

BloodAdds Arcane Affinity to attacks in addition to Bleed buildup. Original scaling diminishes with this Affinity.
ColdAdds Intelligence scaling to weapons and includes Frostbite buildup to attacks. Diminishes original stat scaling.
FireCreates a dual physical and Fire damage type in exchange for a reduction to original weapon scaling.
HeavyBoosts scaling depending on the Strength stat but lowers all other stat affinities.
KeenBolsters scaling the Dexterity stat for weaponry in exchange for lowering all other stat scalings.
LightningCreates dual physical and Lightning damage types while bolstering Dexterity scaling. It also lowers original weapon scaling.
MagicAdds Intelligence scaling to weapons and adds a dual physical and magic attack type while lowering original weapon scaling.
OccultAdds Arcane scaling to weapons, even preventing undead enemies from reviving once defeated, but lowers original weapon scaling.
PoisonBoosts scaling for Arcane, Dexterity, and Strength while adding Poison affinity to attacks. Once a Poison meter fills, enemies will receive poison damage until the status dissipates.
QualityImproves Strength and Dexterity scaling values while lowering all other types of stats in the process.
SacredCreates dual physical and holy damage types while simultaneously improving the scaling of Faith. Sacred Affinity lowers default scaling values.
StandardThe most common stat scaling changes depending on the weapon players use.
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