Lost Ark is an MMO with a lot of collectibles to find. Some of these are easy to find, while others can be difficult to locate. One of these collectibles is Vistas. There are set locations within a continent where players can view the environment. To 100 percent an area, players will need to find all of these.

Vistas appear as white scrolls that players can interact with. Upon doing so, the camera will pan over the area and show the player a cinematic view. There are eight Vistas in total in Rethramis spread across its different areas. You can find all their locations below.

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Ankomu Mountain

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Valley of Falling Waters


Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Old Fishing Spot
  • Church Ruins
  • Waterfall Bridge
  • Collapsed Bridge


Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Chain War Memorial Tree

Rethrasmis Border

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Rethrasmis Border Monastery
  • Statue of the Goddess

Once you have found and collected a Vista, it will appear in your Adventure Tome. After collecting a Vista, you can revisit it and view it multiple times. If you are looking for a spot with a gorgeous view, these are the places for you. So get out there and get exploring!

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