There are many things to do in Halo Infinite’s open-world campaign. There are numerous collectibles to track down as well as bases to clear out. One collectible that has some in-game value is variant weapons. To get variant weapons in Halo Infinite, you will need to kill high-value targets.

High-value targets and their variant weapons are encountered throughout Halo Infinite’s map. Note that they will not appear until you have intel on them. You can find all variant weapons and high-value target locations in Halo Infinite’s campaign below.

If you need more help finding other collectibles, check out the MapGenie Halo Infinite campaign map!

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All Variant Weapons

  • Arcane Sentinel Beam – Thav ‘Sebarim
  • Backdraft Cindershot – Myriad
  • Calcine Disruptor – Calcine Disrupter
  • Duelist Energy Blade – Okro ‘Vagaduun
  • M41 Tracker – Zeretus
  • Pinpoint Needler – Writh Kul
  • Purging Shock Rifle – Skimmer Alpha
  • Rapidfire Pulse Carbine – Inka ‘Saham
  • Ravager Rebound – Arthoc
  • Rushdown Hammer – En ‘Geddon
  • Riven Mangler – Balkarus
  • Scatterbound Heatwave – Ordo ‘Mal
  • Stalker Rifle Ultra – Barroth
  • Unbound Plasma Pistol – Briglard
  • Volatile Skewer – Ik’ Novus The Devourer
Image via 343 Industries & MapGenie

Once you have killed a high-value target and claimed their variant weapon, you gain the ability to collect the weapon at any of your captured FOBs. They can be selected like any other normal weapon from the supply crates.

Image via 343 Industries & MapGenie

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