If you want to unlock more weapons and other crafting items, you will eventually need to hunt down powerful V Blood Bosses and defeat them. Luckily Pro Game Guide’s All V Blood Bosses guide will list locations for Bosses and explain everything you need to know about tracking Blood Trails. 

All V Blood Boss Locations

The following are all V Blood Boss Locations we know about so far in V Rising:

  • Lidia the Chaos Archer: Lidia can be found wandering the road leading from the Bandit Logging Camp and south of the Forgotten Cemetery in Farbane Woods
    • Where to find Lidia the Chaos Archer in V Rising
  • Rufus the Foreman: Rufus can be found inside the Bandit Logging camp located in Farbane Woods.
    • Where to find Rufus the Foreman in V Rising
  • Keely the Frost Archer: Players can find Keely inside the Bandit Trapper Camp in Farbane Woods..
    • Where to find Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising?
  • Alpha Wolf: Players can find the Alpha wolf wandering the road south and around the Bandit Copper Mine in Farbane Woods.
    • Where to find the Alpha Wolf Boss in V Rising
  • Errol the Stonebreaker: Errol is located inside the Bandit Copper Mine location inside Farbane Woods.
    • Where to find Errol the Stonebreaker in V Rising
  • Goreswine the Ravager: Goreswine can be found inside the infested Graveyard in Farbane Woods. Goreswine can also be found wandering the road south of the Bandit Logging Camp.
    • Where to find Goeswine the Ravager in V Rising
  • Putrid Rat Boss: TBD
  • Clive the Firestarter: TBD
  • Polora the Feywalker: TBD
  • Ferocious Bear Boss TBD
  • Nicholaus the Fallen TBD
  • Quincey the Bandit King: TBD
  • Beatrice the Tailor: TBD
  • Vincent the Frostbringer: TBD

How to track V Blood Bosses in V Rising

To track V Blood Bosses in V Rising, you will need to build a Blood Altar. Building a Blood Altar will require 180 Stone and 10 Blood Essence. You can get the Stone from mining rocks or ruin walls, and you can get the Blood Essence from killing enemies. Once you got both resources build and place the Blood Altar, and open it by pressing the F key. After opening the Blood Altar, you can start tracking Bosses in V rising by clicking on a V Blood Bosses and then hitting Track Blood.

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