There may be a ton of characters for you to shuffle through in The DioField Chronicle, but everyone is ultimately categorized into one of four unit types: Soldier, Cavalier, Sharpshooter, and Magicker. A character’s unit type determines their fighting style. As such, they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s everything you need to know about unit types and fully utilize everyone in battle.

What are each Unit types good at in The DioField Chronicle?

Unit types can simply be classified like so:

  • Soldier: Melee units
  • Cavalier: Melee units on horses
  • Sharpshooter: People who wield guns and bows
  • Magicker: People who wield staves and wands

Of the four types, the Cavaliers, Sharpshooters, and Magickers have obvious strengths and weaknesses.


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Cavaliers are very mobile but have lower overall stats than their Soldier counterparts. They’re best used for gathering orbs, sieging bases, and providing urgent support to a faraway group that needs them. As units that will be alone during critical moments, you can increase their survivability by investing in armor.


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Sharpshooters are weak but can shoot enemies from afar. Their role is usually your sub-damage dealer, but you can also give them status-inflicting weapons for the added support instead. If you need to shoot an explosive barrel on the map, don’t forget to include a Sharpshooter for that, too.


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Magickers are the only units that can cast spells for offense and support. Offensive Magickers are destructive but weak. Likewise, Healers, ailment casters, and other support-type Magickers can provide all the assistance you need from a distance. They’re still weak but a little more sturdy than offensive Magickers.

Pay attention to your Magickers’ stats. If their Attack stat is fairly high, then they are an offensive unit. Otherwise, their role is support.

Magickers are best positioned in the middle of your formation. This is because they have a lot of area-wide spells, such as Regen. Your other units need to be surrounding them to protect them while the spell is being cast.


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A Soldier’s fighting style depends on their overall stats and preferred weapon. For example, Andrias, who wields a dagger, is fast and has skills with little to no cooldown. However, if he’s the one dealing the most damage to an enemy, there’s a big chance he’ll also be their primary attack target. His defenses aren’t strong enough for that.

Meanwhile, Izelier, who uses a sword and shield, is more of a tank. She has weak offensive stats but can probably provoke three enemies, get attacked, and remain standing. Treat all your Soldiers as a different unit “type.” Take your time to learn about their strengths and weaknesses because they’re all different.

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