Scathe is one of the latest FPS shooter games that revolves around players clearing hoards of enemies at each level to progress to the next. So, naturally, to keep the combat gameplay feature engaging and fresh, the developers introduce new types of demons/zombies throughout the campaign. On that note, if you feel stuck at any level due to facing a tough time against any particular boss. You can study the below list to defeat any enemy in Scathe.

All types of Demons and their weakness in Scathe

Demon NameWeakness
RazorbacksWhile fighting any Razorbacks, try to avoid their bullets by strafing left and right using your movement keys. For offense, try to shoot their heads.
The MindlessShoot bullets at their head or body parts.
SwampiesThey will explode on contact with the character and cause minor damage. Try to prioritize them when there are other types of enemies in front of you. Shoot 4 to 5 bullets to destroy them.
TurretNever engage a turret in close-range combat. Always stay far and use your right-click launcher ability to deal with them.
SeekersSimilar to Turrets, they can only attack you when you are in their vicinity. So, use your long-range abilities to take down seekers.
NuggetsThey are the most annoying type of enemy as they usually fly in the air and change their course continuously. Shoot at the center part of the body to run and explode quickly.
ScuttlersShoot at their shining/gloomy back that contains the acid to kill them instantly.

The article is updating continuously and will include details about other demon types pretty soon.

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