You can earn and gain many badges on Twitch, but there are so many that it can become confusing sometimes. In the following table, we’ve separated each badge list into groups and simplified the meaning and how they are earned.

What do the Badges on Twitch mean?

Below is an explanation of the Twitch Badges.

Badge ImageNameWhat the badge represents
Twitch StaffThese are employees of Twitch that work on Twitch.
AdminsThese are paid employees of Twitch who review grief reports and enforce the Terms of Service.
BroadcastersThis is the channel’s owner. They set the rules and Moderators, and have the ability to appoint Moderators. They can also set automod Commands.
Chat ModeratorThese are Moderators appointed by the Broadcaster. They enforce the rules in the chat.
VerifiedThis is a user who has been verified by Twitch. All partners receive this badge automatically.
VIPThis is specific to each channel but these are members who have been shown to be loyal to the Broadcaster. Users with this badge are immune to any kind of moderation settings but can still be moderated by Moderators.
ArtistUsers with this badge are normally viewers who have contributed to the Broadcaster in some way. Some contributions can be emotes, overlays, avatars, and more.
Watching without videoThis is a user who is merely listening to the stream.
Watching without audioThis is a user who is watching the stream without audio.
Turbo UserThis badge is given to users who subscribe to Twitch Turbo.
Prime Gaming UserThis badge is given to users who subscribe to Amazon Prime Gaming.
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How to earn Leadership Badges on Twitch

Below are all of the Leadership Badges.

Top Leaderboard BadgeHow to achieve them
#1 Cheerer BadgeCheer the most to the Broadcaster.
#2 Cheerer BadgeCheer the second most to the Broadcaster.
#3 Cheerer BadgeCheer the third most to the Broadcaster.
#1 Gifter BadgeGift the most gifts to the Broadcaster.
#2 Gifter BadgeGift the second most subscribers to the Broadcaster.
#3 Gifter BadgeGift the third most subscribers to the Broadcaster.

How to earn a Leadership Badge on Twitch

Below are all of the Cheer Chat Bages.

Cheer Chat BadgeContribution Needed
1 Bit Badge1 Bit
100 Bit Badge100 Bits
1,000 Bit Badge1,000 Bits
5,000 Bit Badge5,000 Bits
10,000 Bit Badge10,000 Bits
25,000 Bit Badge25,000 Bits
50,000 Bit Badge50,000 Bits
75,000 Bit Badge75,000 Bits
100,000 Bit Badge100,000 Bits
200,000 Bit Badge200,000 Bits
300,000 Bit Badge300,000 Bits
400,000 Bit Badge400,000 Bits
500,000 Bit Badge500,000 Bits
600,000 Bit Badge600,000 Bits
700,000 Bit Badge700,000 Bits
800,000 Bit Badge800,000 Bits
900,000 Bit Badge900,000 Bits
1,000,000 Bit Badge1,000,000 Bits

How to earn Gifter Badges on Twitch

Below are all of the Gifter Badges.

Sub Gifter BadgeAmount of gifted Subscribers needed
1 Sub Gifter Badgeone Sub
5 Sub Gifter Badgefive Subscribers
10 Sub Gifter Badge10 Subscribers
25 Sub Gifter Badge25 Subscribers
50 Sub Gifter Badge50 Subscribers
100 Sub Gifter Badge100 Subscribers
150 Sub Gifter Badge150 Subscribers
200 Sub Gifter Badge200 Subscribers
250 Sub Gifter Badge250 Subscribers
300 Sub Gifter Badge300 Subscribers
350 Sub Gifter Badge350 Subscribers
400 Sub Gifter Badge400 Subscribers
450 Sub Gifter Badge450 Subscribers
500 Sub Gifter Badge500 Subscribers
550 Sub Gifter Badge550 Subscribers
600 Sub Gifter Badge600 Subscribers
650 Sub Gifter Badge650 Subscribers
700 Sub Gifter Badge700 Subscribers
750 Sub Gifter Badge750 Subscribers
800 Sub Gifter Badge800 Subscribers
850 Sub Gifter Badge850 Subscribers
900 Sub Gifter Badge900 Subscribers
950 Sub Gifter Badge950 Subscribers
1,000 Sub Gifter Badge1,000 Subscribers
2,000 Sub Gifter Badge2,000 Subscribers
3,000 Sub Gifter Badge3,000 Subscribers
4,000 Sub Gifter Badge4,000 Subscribers
5,000 Sub Gifter Badge5,000 Subscribers

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