Mages of Mystralia puts the player in the role of a powerful mage who can craft her spells. Featuring a delightful tale where magic is banned, players must embark on a journey to gain control of this power.

Like many games, Mages of Mystralia features trophies for players to unlock and collect along the way. Here are all trophies in Mages of Mystralia.

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You’re a wizard, Zia!Unlock every trophy.
Tougher than She LooksDefeat the Goblin Champion.
WildfireDefeat the Giant Wood Wretch.
Cold-HeartedDefeat the Ice Lizard.
CheckmateDefeat the Ghost Queen.
Air MasteryEarn the Aura mastery.
Water MasteryEarn the Aqua mastery.
Earth MasteryEarn the Gaea mastery.
Fire MasteryEarn the Igni mastery.
Spell DuelistDefeat the Councillor.
Ghost BusterComplete the Ghost Buster quests.
Gate CrasherFind the Mystralian Elixir.
Treasure HunterFind 60 chests.
The Mage’s PathFind all the runes.
A Mage’s ArsenalFind every wand.
CompletionistReach 100% completion.
Blood MageFully upgrade your health.
Arcane MageFully upgrade your mana.
Rune-CeptionCreate a spell that uses all four elements.
The Floor is Lava!Stay on your Crea spells for 2 minues without touching the ground.
ReaperDefeat 5 goblins with the same spell.
It’s Not MeDefeat 10 enemies with your clones.
Fancy ShooterDefeat an enemy with an Actus spell with a Left or Right rune from far away.
VandalismDestroy a total of 1,000 objects in one adventure.
Lazy WizardUse a Teleportation Anchor 5 times in one adventure.
ScroogeCollect a total of 2,500 green soulbeads in one adventure.
Traitor!Make a Boar-Rider defeat an ally 5 times in one adventure.
Live Live LiveUse a Life Scarab during a boss battle.
Gossip QueenHave a conversation with 30 NPCs in one adventure.
Spell-StroyersDefeat 500 enemies in one adventure.
Rekt TowerComplete the Dark Tower in under 10 minutes without dying.

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