When Tribes of Midgard launches on both Steam on PC and PlayStation 4/5, the game will feature eight classes players can pick to play as. That said, here we will explain all of the classes in Tribes of Midgard, what they are, and more.


Rangers are a class in Tribes of Midgard that relies heavily on speed and quick long-range attacks. They will most likely have a number of abilities that will reflect range combat as well and maybe buffs to increase how much damage their ranged weapons do in combat.


The warrior class in Tribes of Midgard is as it sounds and is a class focusing on melee combat, however, with a slight twist. In fact, unlike most warrior classes, this one can also use magic spells, but to what extent is still unknown. 


The Berserker is a heavy-damage dealing class that should play like they do in other games in the genre. Along with this, players will most likely have a ton of abilities center around rage and dealing damage.


The Hunter appears to be a class that has a focus on stealth, thus making it an assassin geared class. However, the text also describes it has to have a totem ability, so maybe a mage/rouge kind of deal? 

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According to the text on the official site, the Sentinel is a class that can both keep their cool in the midst of battle and inspires allies to be on their guard. The class will also apparently be able to use advanced shield tactics to block, parry, and strike. So what all of this means is probably that the Sentinel will be a support/tank kind of class. 


Based on the description given by the developers, the Warden is a mage class that can use attack spells to attack and may have healing spells that can buff fellow players. 


The Seer is another magic class that sounds something like the Warden, so perhaps the Seer will be a more healing-focused character that has magic attacks, while the Warden is more of a buff/magic damage dealer. 


Like most classes on this list, not much is known, but from what we can gather from the basic description, the guardian is the game’s classic fighter/tank class. The class will also have large amounts of health and can deal both damage with attacks and tank it with their shield. 

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