There’s a lot to do after you leave the starting island of Isla Santuario. One of the most time-consuming tasks you can undertake is finding all 21 Treasure Hunts, scattered all the Far Cry 6 map. These treasures may hold a Unique Weapon, will net you the Armed to the Teeth trophy or achievement, as well as earning XP and other resources.

Each treasure hunt in the game is different. Some are simple to solve when others require thought and patience. None are missable and are also entirely optional. You can do a few or do none at all if you want to focus on the story. But you can earn yourself some powerful gear to enter into heavier ranked areas much faster.

All Treasure Hunt Locations


  • The Last One To Leave Treasure

El Este

  • The Emerald Skull Treasure
  • The Long Drop Treasure
  • Passing The Torch Treasure
  • Sweet Fifteen Treasure
  • Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic
  • A Little Birdie Told Me Treasure
  • Rising Tide Treasure
  • Parting Gifts Treasure

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  • The Legend of La Princesa Treasure
  • Cache Money Treasure
  • Ida’s Triada Relic
  • Crocodile Tears Treasure
  • High Supply Treasure
  • The Mongoose and The Man Treasure

Valle De Oro

  • Liquid Courage Treasure
  • The Missing Muse Treasure
  • And The Beat Goes on… Treasure
  • Oku’s Triada Relic
  • Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure
  • The Truest Yaran Treasure

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