In As Dusk Falls, players will have to make several choices throughout the game, and every choice will have a significant impact on the characters’ lives. Players can replay the story to see various outcomes for each choice, and this will reveal hidden insights about their personalities. Personal Insights will be revealed at the end of each chapter, and here you will get to see Value, Traits, and Play Style. Every choice matters in As Dusk Falls, and it’s best to have an idea of all the Traits before contemplating any of the dialogue options in-game.

Every Trait in As Dusk Falls

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In As Dusk Falls, there are 12 Traits, and these can be given to players in Personal Insight after the end of each chapter. Here are the following Traits players will discover in their playthroughs:

  • Brave – Represents the courage to take bold decisions even in the face of fear. Selecting dialogues reflecting bravery in the context of any specific conversation gives players a chance to get this Trait.
  • Cautious – Cautious represents the calculative decision instead of bold and rash choices. Dialogues that show a calculative approach are often representing the Cautious Trait.
  • Confident – Confident remarks choices where you remain positive when faced with adversity. Oftentimes players will find that standing their ground in a conversation will reflect this Trait.
  • Determined – The Determined Trait is reflected in dialogues which shows resolute behavior. Prioritizing your thought-out choices over other options shows determined characteristics.
  • Fierce – Fierceness is remarkably close to aggressive non-trusting dialogues in specific conversations. Standoffish behavior and rude responses are aligned with this Trait.
  • Instinctive – Dialogues representing composure, quick-wittedness, observance, and thoughtful behavior reflects the Instinctive Trait.
  • Kind – Showing empathy, listening and reacting with appropriate responses, and being naturally helpful reflects the Kind Trait in dialogues.
  • Loyal – Selecting dialogue choices that reflect loyalty to friends, family, goals, ideas, and beliefs, are the determining factors of this Trait.
  • Playful – Dialogues that reflect overly happy, immature, and wisecracking behavior are aligned with the Playful Trait.
  • Principled – Dialogues which present a moral perspective reflect the Principled Trait. Players may often find these dialogue options in situations where their decision makes a moralistic difference.
  • Sincere – The Sincere Trait represents honesty and unwavering resolution in decisions where your opinions are reflected.
  • Trusting – Dialogues that represent trust, consideration, wisdom, and cooperation reflect the Trusting Trait. Players will come across various strangers in the game, and your behavior towards them will often contribute to this Trait.

Different choices reflect unique traits, and each of them will depend on the dialogue option you choose. Players will have to be observant, meticulous, objective, empathetic, and rational while selecting any of the dialogues in a conversation. The decisions you make in As Dusk Falls will drive the story, and you will always get the chance to think of these choices in retrospect.

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