Playing Roblox while trolling through the Monstercat Lost Civilization event has been an exciting adventure for gamers. Sadly, for many players, there is a major problem. The token locations are too obscure and there are too many to find. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a mega-list below that has all of the token locations!


This list will break down the tokens by location. There will sometimes be more tokens in some locations than others, such as on the temple steps.

The Tree

Right when you enter the game, you’ll be placed on a beach. To your left, you’ll see a very large tree (zoomed in, you only see the trunk). The roots wrap around some rocks. The first token should be visible for you immediately; if not, move over to your left.

Rock & Temple Stairs

Follow the path under the tree until you can see the left side of the temple with steps. This will be the same view you had when you spawned originally in the game, but you’ll have popped out from the tree path a little further to the left.

To your side, there are two gray rocks that have one token between them. There are also four tokens on the stairs. You’ll see four more on the second set of temple stairs on the opposite side.

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The Right

Before you completely leave the front of the temple, make sure to grab the one right in front of the temple door. There are two tucked in the corner on each side of the door, too.

Then, head to the right side of the map (opposite side of the big tree for token one). You’ll see a token off to the side, as well as a token in front and above the left side door.

Upstairs Temple & Perimeter

You should thoroughly scour the perimeter and inside of the temple. You’ll see a hidden token on the right side of the temple by the stairs. You’ll also see two as you enter the temple upstairs from the right side. You’ll find three tokens in the Heraldry store and two in the Community store.

Just like on the right side, there will be two tokens are on the upstairs (outside) part of the temple. There will also be one hidden on the ground beside the stairs.

You can use the floating rocks to ascend to the roof. You’ll find three tokens on the roof.

Concert Area

These tokens should be very easy to find, as long as you are in the concert area. You’ll find five of the tokens on top of the floor, surrounding walls, and the stage of the concert area. These are not hidden. As far as we can tell, the giant token above the dancefloor is not collectible.

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Temple Floor

Enter through the big doors at the back of the concert area to gain access to the temple. There will be two when you immediately enter, on either side of you. You’ll find two tokens on either side of the Uncaged store to your right. The Instinct store to your left will also be two tokens.


If you go back to your original spawning point, you’ll see a cave entrance on the right. Enter this and complete the maze and obby involved. This level is tricky and requires patience and you may end up resetting several times. You will easily find the final tokens as you make your way through, just make sure you have run the whole maze.

When you have collected all notifications, you’ll receive a notification. You can also check your progress if you hit the Progress button on the right side.

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