Being more of a classic RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 brings back some classic mechanics like Rest Spots. After finding one in the wide open world, these spots of respite will allow players to fast travel among a host of other options. So just what can one do at a Rest Spot?

When do more things unlock at Rest Spots in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

While not all Rest Spots offer the same options, there will be the bulk of them available at each. As players progress through the story, new options will become available.

  • Rest: Restores health to the whole party.
  • Level Up: Use earned XP to increase character levels (Pressing the + button will instantly level all party members).
  • Chat: Talk to party members and sometimes pick up quests.
  • Craft Gems: Craft Gems that increase stats and provide characters with boosts.
  • Cook: Make food that gives temporary boosts.
  • Save: Manually save the game.
  • Clean Clothes: Swap out those dirty and dingy duds for some clean clothing.

That’s about all there is for Rest Spots in Xenoblade Chronicles 3! Make sure to take advantage of each Rest Spot you come across, and happy travels!

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