The Boar Princess is a children’s book that tells of the adventures of the Boar Princess, a fox, a turtle, and a wolf pup. The seven-volume series starts off as a typical fairytale with animal characters but takes a dark turn in the last book. While not explicitly stated, it’s widely believed that the place where the Boar Princess and her friends journeyed to is Dragonspine and that the series is a loose retelling of what happened to the Boar King boss in the area.

Collecting all seven volumes of The Boar Princess will complete your Archive and unlock the Mortal Travails: Series II Achievement called True Friendship Takes Sacrifice. Here’s where you can find all books in the series.

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Volumes One to Five and Seven

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All volumes except for the sixth can be found inside the library in the Knights of Favonius Headquarters in Monstadt. Look for Investigate spots in the room to pick up various books.

  • Shelves on the upper floor: volume two, five, seven
  • Table on the lower floor: volume one
  • Shelves on the lower floor: volume three, four

Volume Six

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The sixth volume of The Boar Princess can be found in Dragonspine. You must first complete the World Quest Lost in the Snow or you won’t have access to the book. Once that prerequisite is complete, head to the location marked with a circle in the image above, and you’ll find an Investigate spot containing the sixth volume in Joel’s father’s abandoned backpack.

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