Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fascinating simulation game available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch, full of adventure, magic, and exciting tales. Assist your favorite Disney characters in ridding the Valley of dark magic and restoring peace and harmony. There is so much to do from crafting, farming, and forming friendships by completing unique Questlines. Sometimes these Quests require you to do a little critical thinking, complete puzzles and locate specific items. Such as the Quest for Mother Gothel to restore the Sunstone.

How to find all the Sunstone Fragments in Dreamlight Valley

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To attain this Quest for Mother Gothel, you will need to reach a Friendship of 7+ with her, have all of the Biomes unlocked, and progress further in the main stories Quests. She recruits your help in piecing back together the Sunstone, which was broken into three Fragments. These Fragments are scattered in various Biomes across the Valley: Sunlit Plateau, Forest of Valor, and the Glade of Trust. However, you will need to search these locations at specific times to find the Fragments.

The game is set to mimic your local time in-game. If you notice this isn’t activated, you can head to your Settings to ensure that it is accurate. You will need to visit those Biomes at the live times listed in the Quest above. Or, if you’d rather it not go in real-time, you can also switch this off and visit based on the time in-game.

How to find the Sunlit Plateau Sunstone Fragment in Dreamlight Valley

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The first Fragment can be found in Sunlit Plateau in the morning, between the times 8 am to 11 am. It will appear on the southeastern side of the river of the Plateau toward the bottom corner, as shown in the map above. You should see an orange Dawn Fragment appear in this area.

How to find Forest of Valor Sunstone Fragment in Dreamlight Valley

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The second Fragment is within the Forest of Valor and is found during midday or afternoon hours, between the times 11 am to 5 pm. In the above map, the yellow Noon Fragment should appear toward the southeastern side of the forest, right near the Dazzle Beach entrance and off to the right of the Ice Castle.

How to find the Glade of Trust Fragment in Dreamlight Valley

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The final Fragment is in the Glade of Trust, the home of Mother Gothel. It appears during the evening hours, any time after 5 pm, and until morning. The purple Dusk Fragment is located toward the larger lagoon on the northwestern side of the Glade. You should see it appear in the area shown on the map above.

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Once you have all three of the Fragments, return to Mother Gothel and hand them all over to her. This will conclude the Sun Fragments Quest and continue to further progression Quests to restore the Sunstone. This will boost your Friendship with Mother Gothel, if not already maxed, and increase your own XP.

This is how you can complete the Sunstone Fragments Quest for Mother Gothel. There are plenty more unique Quests to fulfill around the Valley that will help you progress in the main story and develop Friendships with the iconic characters inhabiting the Valley.

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