Genshin Impact’s Daily Commission system can add and unwanted layer of RNG to achievements. This is due to the nature of how Daily Commissions are ‘assigned’. You don’t have any influence over when you can take on which commission. However, we can help you by giving you a heads up when a commission you’re taking on will unlock an achievement when completed a certain way. Read on to learn more.

These are the Daily Commissions in Sumeru that you are looking for to unlock achievements:

  • Akademiya Q&A: There are six different questions you could be asked, and you’ll be asked three each time you receive this commission. There’s no guarantee which questions you’ll get. Answer them all correctly at least once and you’ll earn Scholarly in Sumeru.
  • Attaché in Another Land: In this commission, you are tasked with retrieving a mushroom. If you gather more than one mushroom and return to him you will unlock “It’s my Job.”
  • Doctor’s Orders: You’ll need to receive this commission at least three times. Give the medicine to each NPC, Gurgen, Azra, and Aftab. BUT, before you report back to the doctor, Zakariya, give them a dose of exactly what the doctor says they don’t need as well: Destroy Gurgen’s bushes, give Azra sugar, and give Aftab steak. This should unlock Relaxation Therapy.
  • Eat and Learn: You’ll need to try all three of Jafar’s dishes, Minty Bean Soup, Panipuri, and Shawarma Wrap, to achieve What’s the Matter?. What dish you try is up to RNG, unfortunately.
  • Garcia’s Paean: To unlock this commission chain, complete the Garcia’s Paean World Quest. The subsequent commission chain is five parts long, but you should achieve Principia Arithmetics at the end.
  • Gold Devouring and Mora Gathering: This is a commission chain which asks you to cook food for Hatim for good luck on the stock exchange. You’ll achieve Kalimi’s Fungus if all goes well for him. It’s based on luck, but try to give Hatim Delicious Pile ‘Em Up to improve your odds. You’ll achieve When Wealth Comes A-Knockin’ if things don’t go so well, and he needs some Apple cider to muscle courage to buy at the bottom.
  • Meow… Meow meow? Meow! Meow: Help Sara to find her cats three times. Make sure you call their ‘names’ correctly, or it won’t count! Doing so will unlock Catch Me-ow if You Can!.
  • Problem Conversion: Successfully complete this commission chain to help Rafiq build a ship to achieve The Ship Has It.
  • Project Baby: Gulabgir will ask you to find food for his snakes from five different randomly selected camps. After you’ve found the food, Paimon may tell you there is also a snake toy nearby. Gather three toys to achieve Non-Obligatory Request.
  • Supreme Hookshot: After completing this commission three times (doesn’t matter what version) you’ll unlock the Cost-Effective Hook World Quest. Complete this World Quest to achieve Aha! What’s on the Hook?
  • To Measure the World: Nothing too fancy here. Complete the commission twice to achieve The Sky is Vast; The Earth…
  • When Flowers Bloom: You’ll need to complete The Flowers That Won’t Grow daily commission at least twice to unlock this one. After you finish When Flowers Bloom, find the Whopperflower that fled on the opposite river bank to unlock Up by the Roots.

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