Few games receive expansions as packed with content as Final Fantasy XIV. This Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, or MMORPG, continues to crank out meaty story segments, and Stormblood was no different.

There are 122 Main Scenario Quests in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. They’re listed below, along with the areas of origin and level requirements:

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Beyond the Great WallThe Rising Stones60
Lyse Takes the LeadThe Fringes60
The Promise of a New BeginningRhalgr’s Reach60
A Haven for the BoldRhalgr’s Reach60
A Bargain StruckRhalgr’s Reach60
A Friend of a Friend in NeedRhalgr’s Reach60
Signed, Sealed, to Be DeliveredThe Fringes60
Best Served with Cold SteelThe Fringes60
Let Fill Your Hearts with PrideThe Fringes60
A Familiar Face ForgottenRhalgr’s Reach60
The Prodigal DaughterThe Peaks60
Hard CountryThe Peaks60
Death by a Thousand RocksThe Peaks60
A Life More OrdinaryThe Peaks60
The Color of Angry QiqirnThe Peaks60
The Black Wolf’s PupsThe Peaks60
Homeward BoundThe Peaks60
Where Men Go as OneRhalgr’s Reach60
Future Rust, Future DustRhalgr’s Reach60
A Dash of GreenRhalgr’s Reach60
Ye Wayward BrothersRhalgr’s Reach60
Token of FaithRhalgr’s Reach60
Crossing the VelodnyaRhalgr’s Reach61
In Crimson It BeganThe Fringes61
The Fires FadeRhalgr’s Reach61
Bereft of Hearth and HomeRhalgr’s Reach61
Divide and ConquerRhalgr’s Reach61
Lies, Damn Lies, and PiratesThe Fringes61
Tales from the Far EastLimsa Lominsa61
Not without IncidentMor Dhona61
The Man from Ul’dahKugane61
Where the Streets Are Paved with KobanKugane61
By the Grace of Lord LoloritoKugane61
A Good Samurai Is Hard to FindKugane61
It’s Probably a TrapKugane61
Making the Catfish SingKugane61
Once More, to the Ruby SeaKugane62
Open WaterThe Ruby Sea62
Boys with BoatsThe Ruby Sea62
To Bend with the WindThe Ruby Sea62
Confederate ConsternationThe Ruby Sea62
The Solace of the SeaThe Ruby Sea62
The Arrows of MisfortuneThe Ruby Sea62
The Last VoyageThe Ruby Sea62
Alisaie’s StonesThe Ruby Sea62
Under the SeaThe Ruby Sea62
Of Kojin and KamiThe Ruby Sea62
In Soroban We TrustThe Ruby Sea63
Forever and Ever ApartThe Ruby Sea63
In Darkness the Magatama DreamsThe Ruby Sea63
The Whims of the DivineThe Ruby Sea63
Breaking and DeliveringThe Ruby Sea63
The Lord of the RevelThe Ruby Sea63
Tide Goes in, Imperials Go OutThe Ruby Sea63
A Silence in Three PartsThe Ruby Sea63
Life after DomaYanxia64
A Glimpse of MadnessYanxia64
The Stubborn RemainderYanxia64
The Ones We Leave BehindYanxia64
A New Ruby TitheYanxia64
The Will to LiveYanxia64
Daughter of the DeepYanxia64
Path of No ReturnYanxia64
The Time between the SecondsYanxia64
All the Little AngelsYanxia64
Here There Be XaelaYanxia65
The Search for Lord HienThe Azim Steppe65
A Season for WarThe Azim Steppe65
An Impossible DreamThe Azim Steppe65
Stars in the DarkThe Azim Steppe65
A Warrior’s WelcomeThe Azim Steppe65
The Heart of NationsThe Azim Steppe65
A Trial Before the TrialThe Azim Steppe65
In the Footsteps of Bardam the BraveThe Azim Steppe65
The Children of AzimThe Azim Steppe65
The Labors of MagnaiThe Azim Steppe66
For Love of the MoonThe Azim Steppe66
Sworn Enemies of the SunThe Azim Steppe66
The Undying OnesThe Azim Steppe66
A Final PeaceThe Azim Steppe66
As the Gods WillThe Azim Steppe66
NaadamThe Azim Steppe66
Glory to the KhaganThe Azim Steppe66
In Crimson They WalkedThe Azim Steppe66
The Hour of ReckoningThe Azim Steppe66
The Room Where It HappenedYanxia67
How Tataru Got Her Groove BackKugane67
Seeds of DespairYanxia67
The Limits of Our EnduranceYanxia67
Broken Steel, Broken MenYanxia67
The Doma WithinYanxia67
On the Eve of DestinyYanxia67
The Die Is CastYanxia67
The World Turned Upside DownYanxia67
A Swift and Secret DepartureKugane67
While You Were AwayLimsa Lominsa67
Rhalgr’s BeaconThe Fringes67
The Fortunes of WarThe Fringes67
Rising Fortunes, Rising SpiritsThe Fringes67
The Lure of the DreamThe Fringes67
The Lady of BlissThe Fringes67
The Silence of the GodsThe Fringes68
The First of ManyThe Fringes68
Strong and UnifiedThe Peaks68
Hells OpenThe Peaks68
Heavens WeepThe Peaks68
The Road HomeThe Peaks68
For the Living and the DeadThe Peaks68
Above the Churning WatersThe Peaks68
The Path ForwardThe Peaks68
With Tired Hands we ToilThe Peaks68
Where Courage EnduresThe Peaks69
The Price of FreedomThe Peaks69
Raubahn’s InvitationThe Peaks69
Liberty or DeathThe Peaks69
The Lady in RedThe Peaks69
Upon the Great Loch’s ShoreRhalgr’s Reach69
The Key to VictoryThe Lochs69
The ResonantThe Lochs69
The Legacy of Our FathersThe Lochs69
The Measure of His ReachThe Lochs70
StormbloodThe Lochs70
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