Destiny 2’s 2021 Dawning Event is underway, and the festivities are in full swing. When players log in, they may see a different environment when they fly into the Tower. The ground is covered in snow, lights are hanging up, and the glowing tree is front and center.

Found just under the tree, players will see Eva Levante, the seasonal activity vendor who offers you the event’s new content. This is the first person you should talk to when you log on, as she will have a quest for you. This quest will introduce you to the oven system, show off new upgrades, and entice you with new cosmetics and gear. Here are all the steps of this first quest. 

Step One

After you pick up the quest, you will need to bake your first holiday gift of the season. Luckily, you don’t have to work too hard as Eva will provide the oven and all the necessary ingredients for you to make the baked gift. You can find the oven menu in your Quest menu. Under the Recipe section in this menu, select the Gjallardoodles recipe to make it. 

Step Two

Once you have the baked good, deliver it to Zavala in the Tower. He will give you a Gift In Return in exchange for your gift. These packages have a mix of weapons, armor, upgrade materials, and more. Whenever you give a gift, you will get one in return. 

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Step Three

After delivering the gift, head back to Eva, who will inform you of the new upgrades she offers. She will give you 40 free Dawning Spirit to use for the upgrades. They will appear in the Upgrades section of her vendor menu. 

Step Four

With the 40 Dawning Spirit, purchase the first upgrade in the section called Merrymaker. This upgrade will allow you to receive a Boon of Friendship each day of the Dawning event. This will help you and your fireteam gain additional rewards in playlist activities, stacking with each Boon used.

Step Five

Finally, speak with Eva Levante one last time to complete the quest. And that’s all there is to it! Now it’s time to go out there, collect some ingredients, bake some treats, and enjoy the holiday celebration.

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