On the surface, Omega Strikers appears to be a simple game about striking the Core back and forth in an attempt to score goals. But there is a lot more than first appears. This includes heroes, abilities, and status effects. This may leave you wondering what status conditions do in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers Status Conditions and what they do

There are a variety of status conditions that can afflict you, your teammates, and your opponents. These can lead to big plays and help turn the tide of the game. Here are all status conditions and their effects in Omega Strikers.

  • Stunned:
    • Prevents players from acting. Halts the movement of the Core nad prevents it from moving again until the stun ends.
  • Banished:
    • Prevents players from using abilities. Makes affected Strikers and the Core untargetable and immune to other effects.
  • Knocked:
    • Pushes an enemy Striker in a direction and stuns them for the duration. Redirects the Core in a direction but does not stun it. Does not inherently cause Damage.
  • Knocked Out:
    • When a Strikers is pushed off of the Arena, causing them to be removed from play and unable to act until they respanw.
  • Staggered:
    • Occurs once a Striker’s Stagger Bar fills completely, causing them to temporarily take massively increased knockback. The Stagger Bar rapidly regenerates after becoming Staggered, but taking subsequent damage delays this effect.
  • Damage:
    • Raises the target’s Stagger Bar by some amount, but does not knock them back unless described as a hit or knockback.
  • Hit:
    • A catch-all term that describes anything that causes an effect to occur on a target (Damage, Knockback, Buff, or Debuff).
  • Elusive:
    • Makes the Striker untargetable and immune to effects and abilities. However, any existing buff or debuff will persist while elusive.
  • Immune:
    • Makes the Striker untargetable and immune to effects and abilities other than buffs. This effect occurs briefly after a Striker respawns from a Knockout.

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