There are several different weapons in Fortnite, each with a different rarity. With so many vaulted and changed out, it’s hard to keep track of them all. We have listed all of the weapons, consumables, and throwables below for your convenience.

Full stats of all Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 weapons

Below we have all Legendary, Epic, Uncommon, and Common weapon stats in that order alongside their stats. There are also consumables and throwables and their stats are way at the bottom. There are different Mythic weapons and locations in every season, which we will change as they change.

All Mythic weapons stats in Fortnite

WeaponDamageFire RateReload Time (Seconds)Magazine Size
Heavy Sniper Rifle1380.333.41
Ranger Assault Rifle3642.425
Hammer Assault Rifle3641.920
Striker Pump Shotgun1200.654.85
Auto Shotgun98.41.55.48
Two Shot Shotgun691.57.18
Stinger SMG2412230

All Legendary weapon stats in Fortnite

WeaponDamageFire RateDPSReload Time (Seconds)Magazine Size
Assault Rifle365.51982.0730
Heavy Assault Rifle414.25174.252.5225
Burst Assault Rifle373.95146.152.3420
Infantry Rifle4441762.110
Suppressed Assault Rifle335.5181.52.130
Tactical Assault Rifle247168230
Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle371566.62.11.8
Scoped Assault Rifle3720742.12
Stark Industries Energy Rifle414.4180.42.715
Hammer Assault Rifle335.8191.41.9820
Pump Shotgun1160.781.23.75
Primal Shotgun663.8250.83.412
Tactical Shotgun881.51325.138
Charge Shotgun1020.8586.73.95
Lever Action Shotgun114.30.95108.65.46
Dragon’s Breath Shotgun16011604.14
Heavy Shotgun771775.67
Combat Shotgun631.7107.14.78
Double Barrel Shotgun1201.92282.72
Two-Shot Shotgun660.8556.17.568
Submachine Gun20102001.8935
Primal SMG2191891.935
Compact SMG2110210340
Suppressed Submachine Gun247.8187.21.830
Rapid Fire SMG17152551.3226
Tactical Submachine Gun2191891.925
Hand Cannon780.862.41.987
Dual Suppressed Pistols433.96170.32.618
Primal Pistol392.181.91.88
Scoped Revolver441.670.426
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle1160.3338.32.51
Hunting Rifle1000.8891.61
Suppressed Sniper Rifle1000.33331.81
Heavy Sniper Rifle1320.33444.11
Storm Scout Sniper Rifle8576.52.76
Automatic Sniper Rifle4441763.416
Rocket Launcher1300.7597.52.521
Grenade Launcher11011102.76
Snowball Launcher830.7562.252.76
Egg Launcher771772.76
Guided Missile7757.52.21
Quad Launcher841844.54
Proximity Grenade Launcher700.6545.52.82
Primal Flame Bow721720.71
Primal Stink Bow721720.71
Mechanical Shockwave Bow9419411
Mechanical Explosive Bow9419411

All Epic weapons stats in Fortnite

WeaponsDamageFire RateDPSReload Time (Seconds)Magazine Size
Assault Rifle355.5192.52.130
Heavy Assault Rifle424.25165.752.625
Burst Assault Rifle363.95142.22.420
Infantry Rifle4241682.210
Suppressed Assault Rifle325.51762.230
Tactical Assault Rifle2371612.130
Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle361564.82.21.8
Scoped Assault Rifle3620722.22
Stark Industries Energy Rifle394.4171.62.815
Hammer Assault Rifle325.8185.62.0920
Pump Shotgun1080.775.64.055
Primal Shotgun633.8239.43.612
Tactical Shotgun841.51265.418
Charge Shotgun980.8583.34.15
Lever Action Shotgun108.90.95103.55.76
Dragon’s Breath Shotgun15211524.34
Heavy Shotgun741745.97
Combat Shotgun601.710258
Double Barrel Shotgun1141.9216.62.82
Two-Shot Shotgun630.8553.557.988
Submachine Gun1910190235
Primal SMG209180235
Compact SMG20102003.140
Suppressed Submachine Gun237.8179.41.930
Rapid Fire SMG16152401.4226
Tactical Submachine Gun209180225
Suppressed Pistol266.75175.51.312
Hand Cannon750.8602.097
Dual Pistols413.96162.362.818
Six Shooter3851902.26
Dual Suppressed Pistols413.96162.42.818
Primal Pistol372.177.71.98
Scoped Revolver421.667.22.16
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle1100.3336.32.351
Hunting Rifle960.876.81.71
Suppressed Sniper Rifle950.3331.251.91
Heavy Sniper Rifle1260.33424.31
Storm Scout Sniper Rifle8172.92.86
Automatic Sniper Rifle4241683.616
Lever Action Rifle611.2576.255.49
Rocket Launcher1150.7586.33.061
Grenade Launcher10511052.86
Snowball Launcher790.7559.252.86
Egg Launcher741742.86
Guided Missile7455.52.41
Quad Launcher801804.74
Proximity Grenade Launcher670.6543.5532
Light Machine Gun2682084.7100
Primal Flame Bow681680.71
Primal Stink Bow681680.71
Mechanical Shockwave Bow8918911
Mechanical Explosive Bow8918911

All Uncommon weapons stats in Fortnite

WeaponDamageFire RateDPSReload Time (Seconds)Magazine Size
Assault Rifle315.5170.52.4130
Makeshift Rifle314.3133.33.1520
Primal Rifle336.25206.252.330
Heavy Assault Rifle354.25148.752.9425
Burst Assault Rifle323.95126.42.7320
Infantry Rifle3841522.48
Scoped Assault Rifle3215642.42
Drum Gun2181683.240
Hammer Assault Rifle295.8168.22.3120
Pump Shotgun920.764.44.755
Makeshift Shotgun931.25116.2532
Primal Shotgun573.8216.63.912
Tactical Shotgun761.51145.998
Charge Shotgun880.8574.84.54
Lever Action Shotgun98.10.9593.26.36
Drum Shotgun4841924.512
Two-Shot Shotgun570.8548.458.828
Submachine Gun17101702.230
Primal SMG1891622.235
Makeshift SMG1891622.225
Suppressed Submachine Gun217.8163.82.130
Rapid Fire SMG14152101.5820
Machine Pistol16142242.332
Burst SMG257.5187.52.424
Tactical Submachine Gun1891622.225
Six Shooter3451702.46
Makeshift Revolver481.5722.16
Primal Pistol332.169.32.18
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle1000.33333.151
Hunting Rifle860.868.81.91
Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle751.2902.510
Lever Action Rifle551.2568.7569
Rocket Launcher850.7563.84.141
Snowball Launcher710.7553.253.26
Egg Launcher671673.26
Makeshift Bow521520.81

All Common weapons stats in Fortnite

WeaponDamageFire RateDPSReload Time (Seconds)Magazine Size
Assault Rifle305.51652.530
Makeshift Rifle304.31293.320
Primal Rifle316.25193.752.530
Heavy Assault Rifle334.25140.253.125
Burst Assault Rifle313.95122.452.820
Infantry Rifle3641442.58
Hammer Assault Rifle275.8156.62.420
Pump Shotgun840.758.85.15
Makeshift Shotgun881.251103.52
Tactical Shotgun721.51086.38
Charge Shotgun840.8571.44.74
Lever Action Shotgun93.60.9588.96.66
Drum Shotgun4541804.712
Two-Shot Shotgun540.8545.99.28
Submachine Gun16101602.330
Makeshift SMG1791532.325
Suppressed Submachine Gun207.81562.130
Rapid Fire SMG13151951.620
Machine Pistol15142102.432
Burst SMG247.51802.524
Makeshift Revolver461.5692.26
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle950.3331.43.31
Lever Action Rifle521.25656.39
Rocket Launcher700.7552.54.61
Harvesting Tool201.632

All consumables and throwables stats in Fortnite

ThrowableStructure DamageDamageMax Stack
Rusty Can02010
ConsumableTime to heal (Seconds)Total HealingMax Stack
Small Shield Potion2256
Shield Potion5503
Chug SplashInstant206
Chug CannonInstant15-1005 shots
Small Fry1256
Snowy Flopper1405
Shield Fish1503
Zero Point Fish1152
Rift Fish1152
Thermal Fish1152
Midas Flopper1402
Vendetta Flopper1402

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