In Mario Strikers: Battle League, the cast of the Mushroom Kingdom suit up and hit the pitch for fast-paced and brutal soccer matches. But to play, you will need a proper stadium. This may leave you wondering which stadiums are in Mario Strikers: Battle League and if they do anything.

There are five stadiums in Mario Strikers: Battle League, each themed after the characters. It is possible that more stadiums could be added post-launch, but there has been no confirmation. Here are all the stadiums in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Stadium List

Mushroom Hill

Mushroom Hill is the home of Mario and many of the characters who make up Mario Strikers: Battle League’s roster. This stadium is the tried and true place to play and will likely bring back some nostalgic memories of past games.

Jungle Retreat

This stadium is the perfect place to monkey around—just be sure to take care of any rogue bananas. Donkey Kong’s home brings a nice natural environment to the game of soccer.

Royal Castle

Royalty takes the field in Peach’s castle, which adds a noble aesthetic to any soccer match. Enjoy an iconic and classy feel as you wallop the opposing team in Peach’s castle.

Lava Castle

Enjoy the beautiful game in Bowser’s lava and fire-filled castle. This stadium is perfect for those who love explosive, fiery matches. It even boasts a dark castle theme to compliment it.

Spooky Mansion

The semi-fearless Luigi will feel right at home in this terrifying mansion. Enjoy a spooky and dark aesthetic—just be sure to bring a housewarming gift or risk angering the ghosts.

What do Stadiums do in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

Despite their differences, stages do not affect gameplay, besides providing visual distinctions. Each side will be able to select a stadium theme and have them smashed together to form the pitch. Don’t forget to customize your stadium’s details to make it feel like home field.

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